Connie Stewart

Connie's highly inspirational and deeply healing work consists of being able to detect the Soul's whispers, sharing messages in a way that are easily understood and absorbed by her clients. Along with maintaining a private intuitive healing practice, Connie hosted SoulSync Radio, a regularly scheduled live talk show in which she psychically answered questions for studio guests and callers. She is also the author of third i, a stirring account of her profoundly mysterious survival from sexual and physical abuse growing up in the Deep South; she is currently working on her second book. Besides inspirational keynote speaking, Connie offers the following: intuitive profiling, channeling, trance channeling, workshops, mentoring, chakra recalibration, pet communication, remote viewing and energetic space clearing.

The Secret About Energy Levels

Taking a walk in nature, gardening, singing, listening to music, praying, meditating, dancing, playing a musical instrument, playing with pets are activities that raise our inner vibrations and gets us to be at our energetic best everyday. Concentrating on desirable activities and positive thoughts eventually boost our feel good hormones and the happiness quotient.

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