91 Moms Share Their Heart-Warming Ultrasound Experiences

On September 14, we posted a picture. A picture that got an overwhelming response from 98 strong, humorous and determined moms! The subject stated “During my first ultrasound” and we waited patiently for all you mothers to comment with your experiences.

After reading through all the comments and being taken aback by every individual experience, we are so proud of being able to cater information to some really beautiful souls out there. Here are 91 of your stories:

  1. I was so afraid, 2 months earlier I had a miscarriageat 6 1/2 weeks along. I was terrified that it was going to happen again. But they saw my little baby boy, and his heartbeat.
  2. At years 23 old, after trying for what seemed like forever I went to the Dr to find out if there was something wrong or if I was ovulating correctlyonly to see a little dot of what was 4 weeks pregnant.
  3. I went to the hospital thinking I was lactose intolerant and found out I was 4 weeks pregnant.
  4. Unfortunately,
    I got to know his heart is not beating.
  5. saw my baby boyand I saw and heard his little heart beating away, I burst into tears. My first 2 pregnancies both ended in miscarriage.
  6. I was nervous, I couldn’t believe there was a little life inside mebut there he or she was, waving and saying ‘hi mommy I’m here.’
  7. I was 12 weeks 4 days and the baby was very active and kicking.
  8. I was in shock to believe that there was actually a tiny little human being growing inside me. It didn’t seem real till I got to see him move and seeing the 4 chambers of his heart really hit me that ‘Wow! This is really happening.’
  9. The lady told me there is a heartbeat. I just laid there and cried and cried. Doctor said that everything looks great and I need to stop blaming myself on my previous miscarriage.
  10. I nearly cried from relief when she let me go to the bathroom. Lol. Then, I was able to come back and view my baby and focus on him for a moment before it all ended.
  11. I was nervous and happy. Nervous because I’m a high
    risk miscarrier and never got to hear none of my babies heartbeats
    . Happy when I heard my little dots heartbeat at a strong rate of 167.
  12. I was very nervous because I never really thought about having a baby. The feeling was new and I worried for my babies health. But, then I saw her little flickering of her heart, it was love at first sight!I was 21.
  13. I sat there and thought for sure that therewouldn’t be a heartbeat, or worse, it would be ectopic since I was told I was high risk. I cried when she found the heartbeat and let us hear it right away.
  14. I was so scared and really nervous, I was shaking so bad. Tech told me there’s a heart beat. My heart started pounding so fast I cried. My first pregnancy I miscarried my twin babies at 12 weeks 2 years ago.
  15. I was so excited to see my baby for the first time. When I saw my baby I cried, my fiancé was holding my hand and gave me a big kiss. I had a great doctor to let me take pics.
  16. My baby was too small
    to see
  17. We were able to see our baby’s heart beat, it was 2 days ago.
  18. I was so scared because I’ve had multiple miscarriagebut seeing a fertility doctor has really helped me. I am 8 weeks now and still so nervous and constantly worry.
  19. My husband couldn’t make it since he was working out of town, so my mom joined me. We watched my little Mexican jumping bean wriggle and move around like crazy.
  20. I was about 9 weeks pregnant. The previous pregnancy I miscarriedbefore even having an ultrasound, so when I saw my little baby and her heart beat I cried.
  21. I was so nervous, scared and excited. After having 2 previous miscarriages, confirmed by ultrasound I had a fear of it happening again and scans scared me. I was really early and all that could be seen was the yolk and sac.
  22. I only wanted to know that my baby was okay. I had a miscarriage and had been trying to conceive for a year.
  23. I was getting worried, her silence when he came in kept me worried. She calls my husband in. I knew he’d be called in. She turned the screen… 2 sacks. 2 tiny
    little heartbeats
  24. I was scared to death. Every muscle twinge, pain or ache made my heart skip a beat. The first sonogram was the best thing I have ever experienced. I couldn’t quit smiling, I teared up when I heard that strong, loud heartbeat. I had miscarried my first baby.
  25. I was nervous and was in between thoughts of giving him up for adoption and keeping him. I didn’t know what to do. The first time ever seeing his little head, body, hands, feet and heartbeat, I broke down my walls and cried. I knew right then and there that this was my child no one else’s and I was going to raise him.
  26. saw the little baby, I cried so hardthat the ultrasound tech was worried. Lol. I was so scared it wasn’t my chance to be a mom. I had already had 2 ectopic pregnancies and a miscarriage with twins.
  27. I was only 6 weeks, I saw my baby but it didn’t have a heartbeat yet, and I had suffered a miscarriage a year before, so for the next 2 weeks I was super nervous. But kept faith in the Lord and at 8 weeks,
    my baby’s heartbeat was strong and beautiful!
  28. I was 9 weeks pregnant, we were scared out of mind!Had no idea what to expect. The finishing result- it still didn’t feel real to me.
  29. I was 2 months, the father and I both had the biggest smile on our faces. I had a miscarriagequite a few months earlier.
  30. I was overjoyed and nervous.4 months earlier I had a D&C at 13 weeks because my baby stopped growing, I couldn’t imagine losing another baby. Now I have a perfectly healthy 3.5 week old rainbow baby boy.
  31. I was nervous and excited.As I saw my baby and his heartbeat I can say that I was the happiest mom ever. I really love my child more than my life.
  32. With my daughter, I just stood there and cried. She had told me she wasn’t having any children, so on Feb 24, she came home from work and asked me to go to the Dr with her. I asked her why and she told me: “I’m pregnant”. I was ecstatic!!
  33. I was further on than I thought and found out there wasn’t only one in there.
  34. I was 8 weeks pregnant after having 2 miscarriages, and we saw the baby and little
    heart beat and my fiancé started crying.
  35. stared at the screen but was also trying to find my boyfriends hand to hold.Was just flapping my hand looking silly! But that was our baby on that screen, the one we found out about only the night before.
  36. I was 6 weeks and 2 days.All you could see was a tiny little blob with a little jumping heart! I have been in love ever since! My sweet boy will be 3 in December.
  37. I found out I was already almost 13 weeks alongand I was scared there would be problems. I had miscarried twice before and although I’m 18 and knew raising a child would be difficult I’ve only got 7 weeks left until me and my boyfriend get to meet our daughter.
  38. I was nervous and excited. Especially since when I found out I was 8 weeks pregnant with my first and didn’t even know. I was happy when I saw a heartbeat.
  39. Me and my boyfriend saw the baby and heartbeat, we both teared up and smiled so much.
  40. I was so happy/proudwhen I saw the look on my husband’s face when he heard that little heartbeat. We could finally see the little life
    we created
     and it was beyond amazing.
  41. I was nervous and praying to Godfor me to see a little heart beating and yes there was one and we are so blessed.
  42. I was crying and happyand this is my first baby.
  43. tried my best not to cry, even then my eyes still watered up. It was a noise I have never heard before. Strong and loud! I knew it was my baby’s heartbeat.
  44. I found out I had skipped my first trimester and was already 14 weeks pregnant.
  45. I was shocked, and couldn’t believe my baby was a little pea.I was also in love from the moment I saw him move.
  46. Our baby waved at us and doc got a great pic.It’s our first baby and we couldn’t believe it. We were 9 weeks…some days I’m still in shock. 17 weeks now.
  47. prayed very hard because a month and half earlier I miscarried, but when I heard my baby boy’s heartbeat I started bawling and thanking God.He’s due in 14 weeks!
  48. I was crying before I went in, was terrified, had to drink lots of water and he was in a funny position. Then we saw him roll over, stretch, yawn and then suck his thumb.My boyfriend was so amazed; it was beautiful.
  49. I was so excited to see my peanut for the first time. She was just a dot with a heartbeatand I was immediately in love with her.
  50. I was in denial since I was going for a cervix biopsybecause I had possible cancerous cells and nope it wasn’t cancer, it was a 6 week foetus.
  51. cried happy tearsas I heard the heartbeat of my beautiful daughter!
  52. I didn’t know that a pulsating tiny ball on screen would mean so muchand bring such a lot of joy to my life.
  53. My tech was a bi*ch and got mad at me every time I tried to lookat the inconveniently placed screen to see my baby.
  54. The woman doing it was so rude. She was like “Seen it all before too many times.”Mine and my partner’swonderful experience got ruined.
  55. The tech was so nervous(she was still training) my husband had to move her hand! She had the Doppler on my hip and then on my ribs!
  56. I felt scared something was wrong with my childbut I heard her strong heartbeat and saw her move I felt suchpeace and overwhelming joy. I couldn’t stop crying.
  57. I saw something. WE saw something!It’s heart was pumping, and it was wiggling its’ body, and little nub of arms as if saying hello.
  58. I was nervous and very excited considering it’s my first child.I was amazed to see the little one there and see he/she moving and hearing the heartbeat. My husband and I almost cried we were so happy.
  59. I found out my baby was 3 ounces bigger than averageand he was facing my back, so I couldn’t see his face. Lol, he is Mommy’s big shy baby.
  60. couldn’t stop crying, thinking and thanking God, how I never thought I was going to be a mother.
  61. I was excited andnervous because I wasn’t able to get pregnant and when I saw my baby and the baby was moving around I was so excited.
  62. couldn’t stop smilingand I wanted to cry! Seeing my boyfriend’s face light up was amazing.
  63. I had to pee so badand my nurse kept pushing on my bladder like a pile of play dough.
  64. I cried when I saw my baby (9 weeks) twitch inside of me.It finally became real.
  65. I was so happy, it became real.Oh dear, I cried when I heard her heartbeat.
  66. When I first saw him, I bawled my eyes out. It was love at first sight of someone I never met.
  67. Some of these stories are as goofy as mine.Lol. What a fun thing to post.
  68. I was only 17 and I was scared as hell.I never had one before, the best way I can describe it was just fear.
  69. I was very nervous but teared up when I saw my little peanut.
  70. I was so worried I wasn’t pregnant, I felt relief when thebaby was on the screen, moving around. Such a relief!
  71. I was petrifiedconsidering I had to have an early scan due to bleeding then loved it.
  72. I never thought the sound of a little heart beatcould be so amazing.
  73. I could not believe thatI was really carrying a baby.
  74. They got a picture of my son flipping the nurse off.He is 18 now. Lol.
  75. Wow. I see a lot of stories of miscarries, so sad for the losses. Good luck in the future, stay strong!
  76. My son punched himself in his own face!My husband and nurse laughed! I gasped. Haha.
  77. Seeing her move and hearing her heartbeatwas the best thing I’ve ever experienced.
  78. I couldn’t see my babybut felt embarrassed and said I did when the nurse pointed him out on the screen.
  79. I found out I was having twins with two sting heart beats.It was at 7 weeks. I waited so long, it was a dream come true..
  80. I couldn’t believe I washaving symptoms so early at 4 weeks.
  81. I was 9 weeks and was so shocked and happy, so was my husband. It is a dream come true.Now, I am 27 weeks and could not be any happier with our baby girl
  82. I was very excitedconsidering it was my first and I was already 8 weeks. Now I’m 37 weeks so not long till I meet my little princess finally.
  83. I cried and was excited, I haven’t had a child in 15 years.
  84. threw up on my ultrasound techand started crying!
  85. God was glorified in all His Majesty!
  86. I learned that I wasn’t as far along as we thought!
  87. Seeing that everything with this baby was okay, after losing a child, I burst into tearsand couldn’t stop crying.
  88. I felt like crying, it was so beautiful.
  89. Our baby was upwards!
  90. heard my munchkins heartbeat.
  91. I felt blessed for having another blessing in my tummy. I lost my daughter at 18 weeks.


Thank you ladies for getting involved and showing us why this community of moms is such a success and so beneficial. The women who commented showing support to mothers who experienced loss and just spreading the love, thank you as well.

Look out for the next fun post, and continue being open and honest with your interactions.