Jessica Odermatt

When I was 14, I used to hate exercise but then I finally found a workout I enjoyed doing so it was easy to stay consistent. I lost 45 pounds in a few months.I also started to eat healthier and learn more, however there are a lot of myths out there that I used to believe such as certain animal products being good for you. A few years later after watching "Vegucated" I knew I couldn't go on eating animals and participating in the suffering of animals so I went vegetarian. A few months later I went vegan and it was the best decision of my life. I no longer get bloated, I have more energy and I am able to maintain my weight even though I eat a lot. Most importantly I feel peaceful inside knowing I chose consciously not to consume animals or products of them.

Tips To Follow If You Are Struggling To Stay Focused

Tidying up your space will make it easier to focus. All it takes is five minutes to clear clutter, which will make room for a clear mind. You can also make a to-do list to prioritize the most important tasks. You should also do your best to put away your phone unless you absolutely need it to finish something. Avoid multitasking, since this will harm your productivity. Try meditation which will let your mind practice focusing.

11 Tips You Must Follow For A Happy And Healthy Life

Exercise first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Do cardio, moderate weight lifting, push-ups, and pull-ups. Eat a raw plant-based breakfast and get on a low-fat, high-carb diet (fruits, grains). Consume less salt and oil, and always stay hydrated. Sugar in moderation is good for your body. Eat mindfully and meditate to declutter and revitalize your mind with positive thoughts and music.

Healthy Eating Habits To Prevent Childhood Obesity

Don’t tell kids what to eat but be a good example and give them options to make right decisions. Stock up on Healthy Whole Foods, eliminating room for snacking on junk. Treat fruits as a meal and make veggies taste better. Let kids cook with you and cook healthy, they'll be excited to try out the food. Indulge in physical activity that you love and be a positive influence.

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