10 Tips On Increasing Your Self Esteem And Self Confidence

We project an energy that can be felt before we say a single word; this is a direct reflection of our self-esteem and self-confidence. How we feel about ourselves is a direct reflection of how others will feel about us as well. To send strong positive energy and increase likability factor, first feel it on the inside.

It is so important that we have high self-esteem and self-confidence and truly like ourselves to be successful in our careers, relationships, and to be happy in life. It starts with the person we face in the mirror and feeling good about them; how do we accomplish this task?


The following 10 tips will help increase positive feelings and good self-esteem.

10 Tips On Increasing Your Self Esteem And Self Confidence

1. Don’t Make Comparisons

Don't Make Comparisons To Increase Your Self Esteem


There is only one “YOU” in the whole entire universe that makes you unique and extremely special. Do not try and be like anyone else, or measure yourself by anyone else’s standards. Remember that nobody has ever experienced the same things, felt the same way, looked or acted exactly like you, therefore, a comparison would be unfair. You do not need to be like anyone else, just you!

2. Practice Self-Affirmations

Practice Self-Affirmations To Increase Your Self Esteem


Start each day saying positive affirmations in the mirror. This keeps your mind strong and positive. Your brain hears everything you say and believes it. When you say out loud what you can accomplish, how good you are, and that you believe in yourself, you start to conform to that mentality.

3. Meditate Daily

Meditate Daily To Increase Your Self Esteem


Each day, meditate and visualize yourself happy, healthy, and accomplishing the goals you wish to achieve. When you visualize in a meditative state, it is as if you are accomplishing them. Brain waves studies show the same stimulation as if someone is actually performing an activity. You will perform tasks better if you take some time to visualize them first.

4. Stop Self-Sabotage

Stop Self-Sabotage To Increase Your Self Esteem


Eliminate completely all self-sabotaging behavior including joking derogatorily about yourself, thinking negatively about your ability, or speaking to others about yourself in damaging ways. Self-Sabotage can create self-fulfilling prophecies, so, get rid of the negativity completely.

5. Be Your Best Friend

Be Your Best Friend To Increase Your Self Esteem


Learn to treat yourself like you would with a best friend: kindness and nurturance; patience, love, and protectiveness; offer loving guidance; understanding when we fail; and praise when we succeed. We can be great friends and partners once we learn to be good to ourselves first.

6. Accompany Good Friends

Accompany Good Friends To Increase Your Self Esteem


It is important to make sure the people we surround ourselves with are creating positive reinforcement and increasing our self-esteem, not deteriorating it or pulling us down. Eliminate anyone that makes you feel bad about yourself or creates a toxic environment. A nurturing atmosphere will allow you to grow and blossom and find your true potential.

7. Be Grateful

Be Grateful To Increase Your Self Esteem

Everyday journal three things that you are grateful for and consider blessings in your life, include at least one thing you love about yourself.

8. Don’t Believe Social Media

Don't Believe Social Media To Increase Your Self Esteem

There is actually a depression created from social media due to the illusion other people are living happier lives free from struggles and burdens. You are seeing unrealistic pictures of people’s lives that are not reality. You have no idea what pain lies behind every smile on social media.

The number of friends someone has certainly does not constitute an actual ‘friend’. As you scroll through, just remember there is always an untold story you will never know behind every picture. Do not allow Social Media to determine your self-worth.

9. Release Past Images

Release Past Images To Increase Your Self Esteem

You need to live in here and now; release all of the images, labels, and scars that you carry from your childhood or past that hold you back from happiness and self-worth. Choose right now – to be a new you – each day offers you a brand new opportunity to start over and be exactly the person you want to be.

10. Improve Yourself

Improve Yourself To Increase Your Self Esteem

Choose areas that you have always wanted to improve upon: start an educational course, hire a coach, see a therapist, read a book, or whatever it takes to help you achieve the results you desire. Seeing improvement will increase your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Implement these 10 tips and feel your self-esteem and self-confidence increase, then enjoy the benefits it brings to your life!