10 Effective Tips For Being Happy At Work

Irrespective of whether you like your job or dislike it, you are bound to have good and bad days at work. Being happy at work indicates that you love what you are doing. It also helps boost productivity and makes you a great co-worker. More importantly, if you are unhappy at work, it can lead to unhealthy physical and mental conditions and even cause depression. So, you must learn to be happy at work. Here are 10 simple methods that can help you to be happy at work.

1. Don’t Over-Promise And Under-Deliver

Delivering as expected can help improve happiness at work


When you agree to complete a task, you are naturally expected to deliver results. It is important to meet expectations in order to feel good about what you are doing. When expectations are not met, questions are asked and fingers are pointed. This can negatively impact your mood at work. Hence, it is important that you only make promises that you can keep. It is always better to set smaller expectations and exceed them. Commit on a task completion only if you think it can be accomplished within the time frame and it qualifies as quality work.

2. Make Friends With Co-Workers

Making friends at work can help improve happiness at work


Having friends at work can contribute to your happiness. Your work may take up most of your time at the office, but it is important to take some time to make friends. Getting to know another person and what they do can help in building rapport with the person. Talking to a friend also gives you a chance to take your mind off work for a few minutes and give you that much-needed breather. Sometimes, you may be stuck with what you are doing and a friend can probably help you find a solution.

3. Get Involved In Fun Activities

Involving in fun activities can help improve happiness at work


Having fun at the office is crucial for your happiness at work. Interesting games and activities not only help people take their minds off work for a short duration but also adds the fun quotient to work, which keeps employees happy. It could be simple team building activities, memory games, get-to-know-others games, or simply a session to tell others about yourself. These activities not only help you take a break, but also improve the relationship between colleagues.

4. Practice Meditation

Practicing meditation can help improve happiness at work


Meditation can improve the mood of a person and bring positive changes in thinking pattern. You don’t have to sit cross-legged and chant the mantra. You can sit normally on a chair and close your eyes for a few minutes and even listen to soothing music. Meditation helps you control your emotions and increases productivity. By breathing deeply, the brain receives more oxygen. This is a sure shot technique to drive away lethargy and negative emotions and bring in happiness and harmony.

5. Eat Mood-Enhancing Foods

Eating mood-elevating foods can help improve happiness at work


Food has a huge impact on your mood. The quantity of food you eat and the nutritional value of the food plays a crucial role in your post-meal performance. Foods that contain ample nutrients and minerals nourish your body and keep the mind alert. Eating oily junk foods can adversely affect your body and mind. Also, ensure that you don’t overeat. Eating too much means the energy gets diverted to the digestion process and hinders your thinking capability. Eat light and eat right.

6. Ensure Constant Fluid Intake

Drink sufficient water to improve happiness at work


Water is an essential commodity that the body requires at frequent intervals. Lack of water in the body restricts your mental function and adversely impacts your performance. Without enough fluids, you feel tired and this drains your energy leaving you incapable of accomplishing tasks. Dehydration hinders effective assimilation of nutrients and even the best health foods cease to have a beneficial effect on the body. Drinking fluids, especially water and fresh fruit juice that don’t contain added sugars, helps elevate your mood and ensures overall health.

7. Ensure Quality Sleep

Quality sleep helps improve happiness at work


No, we don’t suggest that you sleep at work although power naps are known to help you perform better. Sleep is extremely important for any person to function normally. Quality sleep for 7-8 hours allows you to focus and think better. Sleep deprivation can make you a nervous wreck. Forget working, even thinking clearly is impossible without providing your body and mind its share of rest. Deep sleep refreshes the mind and enables the body to rejuvenate itself. Your emotions are directly related to sleep patterns and people who achieve sound sleep are happier and emotionally balanced.

8. Keep Away Personal Problems

Keeping personal problems away from work helps improve happiness at work

When you’re preoccupied with personal issues, it is hard to concentrate or be happy at work. Everybody has their share of personal problems. Just as you have to forget about work to enjoy your time at home with family and friends, it is crucial that you leave personal problems back at home so that you can focus and be productive at work. Of course, you can talk to your colleague about your personal problem, but set aside a time for that to ensure neither your work-time or theirs is compromised.

9. Think Positive

Positive thinking helps improve happiness at work

Whatever the nature of your work maybe, it will have its ups and downs. Some days are smooth sailing, while other days may be full of obstacles. By thinking only about what went wrong cannot solve a problem. Instead of focusing on the problem, think about possible solutions. Adopting a positive mindset can make problem-solving easier and equips you to look at a problem objectively. Positive thinking makes you happy while negative thoughts leave you feeling sad and dejected. By looking at the positive aspects of your work, you can make your job more enjoyable. Worrying about the negatives only cause you to become overwhelmed.

10. Decorate Your Workplace

Beautiful workstations can improve happiness at work

The place where you work has the ability to make you happy. Imagine a workstation that is drab and unappealing, where you have to spend about eight hours. That can be quite demotivating. Decorate your workspace with anything that can uplift your mood and put a smile on your face. Placing a few plants, artifacts, graffiti or pictures of people you like can alleviate your mood and make you cheerful. It also tells a lot about who you are. An interesting looking workstation entices you to work more than a drab, ordinary workstation.