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Health Benefits Of Shankhpushpi

Shankhpushpi is a perennial herb known to possess therapeutic benefits. This plant, also known as Convolvulus pluricaulis, is found in Indian and Chinese medicines to...

5 Benefits Of Quince Fruit

Fruits are rich in a number of nutrients that cater to our body's needs, and they cannot be replaced with any substitute. Most of us...
peptic ulcer symptoms

5 Common Symptoms Of Peptic Ulcer And When To Seek Medical Help

Bacterial infection, painkillers, and intestinal tumors can cause peptic ulcers in the gut lining. Get in tune with your body to be able to suspect peptic ulcers in good time, given their vague and often absent symptoms. Burning abdominal pain, nausea, and poor appetite are prominent symptoms. Blood in vomit, dark stools, and sharp abdominal pain demand immediate medical attention.

10 Deadly Diseases Caused By Smoking

Research today is conclusive that smoking is the cause of a host of diseases and ailments that are not only chronic but also the...

Common Causes Of Mouth Ulcers

Most minor, single mouth ulcers are often caused by a mechanical injury, such as accidentally biting your cheek, using improper brushing technique, or from a sharp tooth or filling. But, if you have recurrent mouth ulcers, an underlying medical condition like iron or vitamin B12 deficiency, Crohn's disease, or lack of oral hygiene, hormonal fluctuations may be to blame.

Ulcer During Pregnancy: Causes, Symptoms And Treatments

Eat small, frequent, and light meals. Include more of beneficial foods like cow's ghee, boiled bottle gourd, almonds in paste form, pumpkin or drumstick soup, while slash the trigger foods like tomatoes, eggplant, capsicum, and chilis. Try drinking 2/3c hot milk+1/3c water+a dash of cardamom powder or an infusion of licorice+clarified butter+turmeric.

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Figs

The fig is originally from the Middle East and western Asia, where it is considered a delicacy. The tenderness of its flesh and the...

9 Signs Of Disease Your Feet Can Reveal

Your feet is probably the least cared part of your body, but simple signs and issues with them could be telling us about issues...
15 Natural Remedies To Treat Acid Reflux and Ulcers

15 Home Remedies For Acid Reflux and Ulcers

Looking for natural ways to reduce ulcer pain and acid reflux? Here is a list of home remedies that can give instant relief without any drugs or harmful side effects. Most of these options are easily available in health food stores and involve no complicated recipes or methods for pain relief.
Natural Treatments for Peptic Ulcers - Heal the Pain and Inflammation With Alternative Remedies

Best Natural Treatments For Peptic Ulcers

A peptic ulcer can cause pain, discomfort and make eating something dreaded rather than something enjoyed. Learn the signs and symptoms of a peptic...