10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Figs

The fig is originally from the Middle East and western Asia, where it is considered a delicacy. The tenderness of its flesh and the incomparable sweetness makes it a favorite of many. It can be consumed fresh or dry, or even with milk, honey,nuts, cereal or ice cream. Including figs into your daily diet can bring about amazing health benefits. Check out 10 such benefits here!

1. Cure For Type 2 Diabetes


Figs contain high levels of potassium that help keep a check on your body’s insulin production. Fig seeds when consumed with a teaspoon of honey can be of great help when battling with diabetes. Try this for a whole week and be amazed by the results. The tea made out of fig leaves is an even effective diabetic cure.

2. Problem-Free Digestive System


Fig is one of the best and tastiest laxatives you could ever come across. It’s prebiotic properties promote the growth of good bacteria in your stomach. Additionally, its high fiber and cellulose content can do wonders to constipation and other digestive problems. You can soak 2-3 figs in water overnight and consume them along with honey in the morning for best results.

3. Cure For Bad Breath And Ulcers


An effective way to remove bad breath is by chewing on a few tender fig leaves for a minute and gargling with water. Consume a cup of milk mixed with powdered fig to cure mouth ulcer in a jiffy.

4. Solution For Kidney Stones


You don’t always have to undergo surgery to remove kidney stones. Figs can help melt away your kidney stones within a month. Take 6 figs, boil them in a cup of water and drink it every day for a month for best results.

5. Solution For Breathing Problems


The endless nutrient list of figs which includes vitamins, mineral and proteins can help keep your respiratory system well hydrated. Figs can also help relieve cough and other throat problems. Soak a few figs in water overnight and consume it regularly to prevent asthma and other respiratory disorders. Fig can also reduce the fatigue and weakness that is caused due to respiratory disorders.

6. Cure For Anemia


Studies prove that fig has the capacity to increase hemoglobin concentration in your blood. Additionally, it can also increase your packed cell volume (PVC), platelet count and white blood cell count. This could be due to the presence of iron in fig, apart from the numerous other nutrients it contains, which are necessary for the formation of blood cells.

7. Relief From Teeth And Gum Problems


Fig consists of many phenolic compounds which can destroy oral bacteria. Besides that, the flavonoids present in figs display anti-bacterial properties that can keep harmful germs away. Thus, fig can be used to cure gum problems and prevent oral cavities.

8. Solution For Weight Gain And Loss


Many dietitians recommend consuming fig to those who are trying to reduce or gain weight. The vitamins, minerals and proteins present in figs can speed up the weight loss process. But when consumed with milk, honey and nuts, fig can help you gain weight quickly. As the sugar content in fig is very high, those who are trying to reduce weight should limit the consumption to 2-3 figs a day.

9. Treatment For Infertility


For centuries figs have been used as a natural cure for infertility. Its nutrient rich properties are known to balance hormones. Additionally, it can improve one’s stamina and energy. Try soaking a few figs in milk overnight and consuming it the next day to cure infertility.Practice this regularly to get the best results.

10. Cure For Skin Disease


Figs are often used to treat skin diseases as its high enzyme content is capable of removing dark circles and wrinkles. It is also abundant in vitamin C, which is necessary for repair of dead cells and removal of skin impurities. Regular consumption of figs can give you flawless, glowing skin. Besides that, fig skin can be used as a skin exfoliator.

These are only ten of the many benefits of this wonder fruit. Now you have a quick and tasty solution to keep numerous diseases away and stay healthy. So what are you waiting for? Go snack on some figs right now!