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Best Essential Oils To Treat 10 Common Ailments

Essential oils have been around for centuries. Known for their healing poweress, they are found, in use, in different cultures. And today, as people...

Eating Disorder? Blame Bacteria, Not Trauma

If you have a eating disorder, chances are you will hate food. These feelings of disgust or fear are caused by bacteria rather than any other psychological factor. To fight the bacteria, the immune system triggers antibodies, which attack, by mistake, the brain's limbic system that controls such emotions. Changing this specific gut bacteria might cure diseases like IBS and CFS.
Hypnosis A Sure Cure For Emotional Trauma

Hypnosis: A Sure Cure For Emotional Trauma

Hypnosis can work to heal emotional trauma or certain 'stuck' places in our lives. It can be a great healing tool because it bypasses the rational, logical brain to access the emotional body directly where the trauma is held. It also allows the patient's own creative unconscious to facilitate their healing and create relationships and achieve goals they've always wanted.