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8 Warning Signs That Indicate A Medical Emergency

An intense headache with dizziness can indicate a serious underlying condition like internal bleeding around the brain. Tightness in the chest and radiating pain are warning signs of a heart attack. Blood in urine, stools or sputum is also a matter that requires immediate attention. There are some intense symptoms for which you must not delay receiving emergency medical attention.
(journaling can be your personal way of healing

Heal From Past Trauma With This Spiritual Feng Shui Practice

If you have ever tried putting your thoughts down on paper, you know how liberating it can be. Journaling can help you heal your...

5 Undeniable Signs That Your Loved One Is Suffering From PTSD

We are living in a world where a tragedy can strike us at any moment. And when that happens, it leaves behind its trail...

How Are Emotions Ruining Your Gut Health?

Do you know that stomach discomforts are related to your emotions? At times, many gastrointestinal symptoms have no clear cause and these lead to a vast variety of gut disorders. To find a cure for any of these diseases, you need to understand that your brain and gut are closely linked. A disruption in your mind, due to stressful situations and emotions, can easily lead to gastrointestinal issues. The only cure might be to control your emotions.

The Effect Of Trauma On The Vagus Nerve And Mindfulness

Meditation can heal our bodies and mind alike. It can restore the body back to its glory days with regular practice and required nourishment....
Toe nails can turn black because of various health issues

5 Common Reasons Why Toenails Turn Black In Color

Black toenails might look disgusting and appear as a lack of cleanliness. But they can be caused due to multiple health issues. While diabetics are more prone to getting black toenails, some of the common causes are these: fungal infections, trauma or injury, repetitive activity that hurt your toes, and melanoma. You toenail can also look black because of skin tone. Learn to distinguish the problem and get treated on time.

How Does Trauma Affect The Brain And Body?

Trauma can be caused by a physical injury or shocking experience. It initiates the stress response, leading to symptoms like headaches, depression, or insomnia. In extreme cases, post-traumatic stress disorder can develop. This stress can lead to inflammation and poor immune function. In the case of severe physical trauma, there’s an increased risk for sepsis, impaired blood flow, blood loss, and respiratory damage. Mental health and memory can also suffer because of stress-induced inflammation.
causes of low self-esteem insecure girl

7 Major Reasons Why People Have Low Self-Esteem

Millions of children suffer from low self-esteem issues. Studies claim that children who were raised in families with uninvolved parents; had a history of being bullied or abused were most likely develop low self-esteem. It is important to understand the causes of low self-esteem in order to understand, how to raise confident children.
causes of parkinson's disease

Genetic And Environmental Causes Of Parkinson’s Disease

The direct cause of Parkinson’s disease is not yet known. Scientists have accumulated a pool of potential risk factors – lifestyle and environmental – to decipher this mysterious neurodegenerative disorder. Genetics and factors like age, gender, pesticide and metal exposure, and head injuries seem to play a cooperative role in bringing about PD. Interestingly, gut bacteria may have something to do with PD as well.

Fibromyalgia: Symptoms, Causes, And Alternative Treatment

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain disorder that affects the muscles and soft tissues of your body. Its hallmark symptoms are widespread musculoskeletal pain and joint tenderness accompanied by fatigue, sleep, mood issues. While there is no cure for fibromyalgia, medications such as antidepressants and lifestyle tweaks like exercising and getting enough sleep can help.

What Does Blood In Your Urine Indicate?

If your urine is red or dark brown in color, you might be suffering from a condition called hematuria. In hematuria, your kidneys or...

Are You At Risk For Hypotension? Symptoms And Risk Factors

Hypotension is blood pressure (BP) below 90/60 mmHG. Usually, low BP alone is not unhealthy, and some people may have it all the time. But it becomes a cause of worry if it makes blood flow to the brain and vital organs inadequate and manifests as clammy skin, blurry vision, dizziness, or is linked to a health condition like heart disease. Its most severe and fatal form is shock, where the patient can even get a stroke or heart attack.

Tips To Help Loved One After An Accident

Recovery after an accident can be tough for your loved one. The trauma they have been through will take time for them to come to terms with. Be patient and understanding, help them get back to routine. Encourage them to socialize and relax with friends. Helping your child to recover from a trauma can be challenging. Patience is the key.

Causes And Treatment For Breast Pain During Pregnancy

Experiencing breast pain during pregnancy can be due to many reasons. Right from hormones, medications, trauma, omega 3 fatty acid deficiency, soft tissue injury to breast engorgement, infection, and cysts, there are many causes. Treatment for Mastalgia involves addressing the root of the problem, while taking into consideration what is safe to do during pregnancy. Read more to know about the causes and treatments for breast pain during pregnancy.

What Is Horner Syndrome?

Horner's Syndrome is a nerve disorder in which one side of the face, particularly the eye region, suffers a loss of function. Droopy eyelids, a sunken eyeball, and a significantly constricted iris are usually the first signs. Treatment focuses on addressing the underlying cause that may range from trauma, cancers, genetic causes to vascular disease and goiter.