Best Essential Oils To Treat 10 Common Ailments

Essential oils have been around for centuries. Known for their healing poweress, they are found, in use, in different cultures. And today, as people are looking for natural alternatives to treat ailments of the body and mind, the interest around essential oils is gaining momentum.

Essential oils are potent sources extracted from herbs/plants that are naturally aromatic and possess amazing medicinal, curative, and cosmetic properties.

The beneficial compounds found in essential oils can treat the symptoms of health conditions like – skin cancer, under-active thyroid, and insomnia. Also, they are incredibly effective to heal your aches, skin, and even psyche!

Check out the following list of healing essential oils and the specific health issues they can address.

Can Essential Oils Help Fight Skin Cancer?


Beta-elemene in frankincense oil suppresses tumor growth and triggers destruction of cancer cells. Black raspberry seed oil is rich in skin nurturers – Vitamin A and E and contains flavonoids that prevent metastasis of cancers. Myrrh oil kills cancer cells and also cures

eczema, ringworm, and itches. Sandalwood essential oil inhibits the multiplication of cancer cells by damaging their DNA.

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Excellent Essential Oils For An Underactive Thyroid


Peppermint, Frankincense, Lemongrass and Rosemary oils can reduce fatigue, depression, headaches and inflammation, all of which are linked with under active thyroid. Consume in tiny drops or infuse with tea. The oils also heal dry skin and boost digestion. Myrtle oil is an adaptogenic aid and works either way to neutralize an over or under active thyroid.

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Can Essential Oils Help In Balancing My Chakras?


Using essential oils can help restore balance to each of the chakras. To balance a specific chakra, you should look not just at the oil’s chemical properties, but also at its spiritual effect. For e.g. oils that resonate with the crown chakra are lavender, blue chamomile, jasmine, rose, frankincense, and sandalwood

oils. Similarly, there are other oils that cater to balancing the other chakras.

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Sunburn: Herbs, Essential Oils, And Simple Remedies


Apply honey/ buttermilk/ potato juice/ cucumber paste/ cornstarch paste over burnt area. Boil lettuce leaves, cool and apply on affected area. Soak a towel in Epsom salt/baking soda solution and drape over burnt skin. Pat wet tea bags on burnt skin. Infuse ground yarrow/ elder flowers /chickweed and wash. Rub coriander oil on skin or use lavender oil in a bath.

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Which Essential Oils Help In Anti-Aging Skin Care?


Apricot Kernel oil is high in vitamin content and helps skin retain elasticity and clarity. Carrot seed oil removes toxins and water build up in the skin. Rose hip seed oil promotes tissue regeneration and minimizes wrinkles. Geranium oil tightens skin. Neroli oil smooths fine lines and tones sagging skin. Patchouli

oil promotes new cell growth and reduces wrinkles.

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4 Essential Oils For Healthy Teeth And Gums


Clove oil protects nerves, soothes pain and prevents tooth decay. Peppermint oil helps freshen breath, reduce swelling, inflammation and tenderness. Myrrh oil helps fight gum disease, infections and soothes gums. Cinnamon oil helps freshen breath and cleanse the mouth. Add directly to toothpaste, combine with baking soda or make your own mouthwash.

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Power Of Essential Oils In Vibrational Healing


The cells in our body are continuously vibrating. Healthy cells are known to vibrate faster than unhealthy ones. Essential oils (such as oregano, thyme, fennel, cinnamon, rosemary, clove) vibrate at very high frequencies (52-329 MHz). High-frequency vibrations are believed to boost the immune system.

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Maximize Your Workout With Essential Oils


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The challenges that come with exercising regularly especially for those that are new to this type of lifestyle change can sometimes make it difficult for them to stay on track. Do not let these challenges stop you from returning to the gym, stop you from being in the zone or disrupt your workout flow. Here are a few essential oils to help keep you on track.

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2 Essential Oil Combinations For A Good Night’s Sleep


Add 2 drops each of lavender, cedarwood, eucalyptus and clove in a bottle. Dilute and apply it at night on the chest, behind ears, back of neck and wrists to wake up refreshed. In a 10ml roller bottle, add 20 drops of lavender and Bergamot with 10 drops of cedarwood and vetiver. Top the concoction with fractionated coconut oil and apply topically for restful, peaceful sleep.

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Spikenard Essential Oil Relieves Subconscious Trauma


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Spikenard oil is reminiscent of valerian but is sweeter with a pleasant fragrance like moist earth. It is very effective to calm an overactive mind, balance body, overcome the grief of losing a loved one, provide deep sleep, have meaningful dreams and release subconscious trauma. It can also be used to anoint those who are transitioning from life to death.

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