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The Rising Risk Of Obesity Can Only Be Stopped With A Change In Lifestyle

The 5 Golden Rules To Remember While Tackling Obesity

One of the major health concerns over the past two decades has been the rising risk of obesity. Obesity is caused chiefly by unhealthy...

5 Problems Caused Due To Inadequate Sleep

Sleep is an essential component of our daily routine, and yet most of us don't have a healthy sleeping habit or routine. However, getting adequate sleep helps us rejuvenate very effectively. Sleep can prevent obesity and major depressive disorder. It can also reduce the levels of stress hormones in the body. In children, adequate sleep helps them focus better on the task at hand. In general, lack of sleep is associated with anxiety disorders.
Eating distracted cause bad habits and weight gain

9 Habits That Unknowingly Make You Fat And Sick

All the efforts you put into working out and dieting can go for a toss with some simple, seemingly small, harmful habits. Not eating enough nutrients, eating too fast and distractedly, eating outside, skipping meals, sleeping irregularly and not enough, and avoiding healthy fats are just some of the habits that make you gain weight, weaken your immunity, and make you fall sick repeatedly.

How Is Erectile Dysfunction Related To Life Expectancy?

Men with erectile dysfunction (ED) are 70 percent more likely to die early. It’s a marker of heart disease, the leading cause of death in America. The penis can’t get enough blood so it can’t stay erect. ED might also point to undiagnosed type 2 diabetes as it damages your nerves and blood vessels. And being overweight or obese also increases the risk of ED and deadly conditions like heart disease, liver diseases, and some cancers.
Obesity can have cognitive effects too

5 Ways Being Obese Can Affect Your Brain Function

Obesity is associated with poor motor skills, depression, dementia, Alzheimer's disease, memory deficits, and addiction-like responses. The good news is that most of these effects are reversible with effective weight loss. You may be motivated enough to do this by yourself but it's always better to keep your regime accountable to someone else like a family member or a friend.

How Losing 100 Pounds Gave My Life A New Outlook

Being successful and having a lot of money does not necessarily give you a ticket to happiness immediately. The first step to being happy can be physical fitness, which shouldn't be the ultimate goal. To be satisfied in life, you have to overcome your obstacles, both physical and mental, be fit and healthy, and understand that the mind and body are interrelated.
MSG is quite safe for your health provided you're not particularly allergic to glutamate

Clearing 5 Common Myths And Misconceptions About MSG

MSG is much liked by many in Chinese cuisine but equally under controversy as well. Many allergic reactions are attributed to MSG, but all of it might not be true. MSG is found in foods other than Chinese cuisine, might boost weight gain to an extent, cause minor allergies with excessive intake, and contains very little sodium. Even the Chinese Restaurant Syndrome might not be just due to MSG consumption.

6 Harmful Effects Of High Fructose Corn Syrup

High-fructose corn syrup might make products taste good, but it is of no use to your health. It provides absolutely no nutritional value; a load of calories; accumulates fat in the body; increases the risk of obesity, causes diabetes, cancer, heart disease, gout, and other disorders; and overburdens the liver. It gives you a lot more fructose than your body can digest and manage.

5 Ways Obesity Messes With Your Brain Functioning

More than 37% of adults in US are obese. Obesity adversely affects each vital organ in the human body. The way it affects the brain is often irreversible. Studies claim that obesity is can cause memory loss, sleep disorders, food addiction. In infants born to obese women poor neurodevelopmental growth has also been reported.
Benefits Of Drinking Bitter Melon Tea

5 Benefits Of Drinking Bitter Melon Tea

As a tea, bitter melon controls diabetes. It'll lower blood glucose and strengthen the pancreas. Are you trying to lose weight? This tea will stop fat cells from forming. It also has anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties, making it useful for preventing cancer and other diseases. Bitter melon tea may also ward off heart disease by reducing high blood pressure. To make it yourself, use dried bitter melon or tea bags.
health effects of old mattresses

How Do Old Mattresses Affect Your Health?

If you have been having trouble sleeping at night, your mattress could be the reason. If your mattress is old and saggy, it can disrupt your sleep and strain your muscles. Lack of sleep can lead to drowsiness, heart problems, and even obesity. An old mattress contains millions of dust mites which are harmful to the skin and can cause respiratory problems. People with asthma should ensure that they replace their mattress every 8 years.

7 Common Causes Of Preterm Labor That Moms Should Know About

A healthy pregnancy concludes at 40 weeks of gestation. However, due to multiple reasons, some babies are born before time. A baby is considered...

Effects Of Obesity During Pregnancy

The news of a teen mom from Karnataka, India who delivered a baby girl weighing 6.8 kilos is taking the news world by storm....
foods to avoid if you have kidney stones

Foods To Avoid If You Have Kidney Stones

General advice across different types of stones is to reduce sodium intake, in table salt and processed foods, and limit animal protein in your diet, particularly in the case of uric acid stones. Also avoid foods high in oxalates if you have calcium oxalate stones. Get tested to identify the type of stones you are likely to develop and modify your diet accordingly.

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD): Causes And Symptoms

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease has been recognized as a silent, yet major, disease in developed countries. It starts with a simple fatty liver and gradually advances to fibrosis. The final stage is cirrhosis and liver failure. The symptoms are vague throughout the stages. But early detection can help reverse a fatty liver.