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5 Tips To Help You Stay Sun-Safe This Summer

Summer is synonymous with skimpy. Come March, everyone’s busy digging out those summery dresses and swimsuits. But when the seasonal allergies start breaking out,...

6 Tips For Working Professionals To Stay Healthy

For a lot of people, the pursuit of staying healthy - both mentally and physically while juggling a work life balance seems like an...
Health benefits of cumin.

12 Health Benefits Of Cumin: Your Reason To Season With It

Cumin is a flavorsome spice that can aid digestion, ease IBS, and boost memory and immunity. It has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties and manages BP, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. It may also combat stress, promote weight loss, and protect against certain cancers. It's also a good source of iron.
How long you can live without food depends on your body and the environment.

How Long Can You Live Without Food? The Answer You’re Hungry For

Your health, weight, and environment affect how long you can live without food. While short-term fasting has health benefits like lower risk of obesity and better control of diabetes, starving over 48 hours depletes your glucose store, and by 72 hours, your body starts eating into its protein reserves. This results in muscle loss, reduced bone density, and even kidney and heart problems. Long-term starvation or undereating may even result in multiple organ failure and blood poisoning and eventually, death.
Bizarre Things You Can Do While You're Asleep

6 Bizarre Things You Can Do While You’re Asleep

You come home tired after a long day at work. You go under the covers and you know slumber is going to hit you...
Shaving tips for the winter.

7 Shaving Tips For The Winter

To ensure healthy skin and a smooth shave during winter, massage your shaving gel onto skin for a few minutes and gently exfoliate twice a week. In addition to this, make sure to use warm water and use a non-soap cleanser to avoid drying out the skin. Moisturize when the skin is damp with a fragrance-free moisturizer or oils.
9 Easy Ways To Protect Your Eyes From Everyday Damage

9 Easy Ways To Protect Your Eyes From Everyday Damage

Your eyes are an essential part of your body and good eye health is important to maintain overall health. How well you see is...
Hateful thoughts can define how intelligent you are

Your Hateful Thoughts Reflect Your Level Of Intelligence

Hatred and prejudice can be of different types. Sometimes, you despise a person you just met, for absolutely no reason or for something really...
carrying extra weight doesn't necessarily indicate bad health

7 Signs That Prove You Are Healthy At Any Weight

Before you label someone as unhealthy based on just the fact that they are overweight, think again. The number on the scale is simply one...

Just A Few Pints A Week – Am I Still At Risk For Cancer?

“Just a few drinks over the weekend.” “A glass of wine on a quiet evening at home with a good book.” “Only at parties.” Most...

How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Luxury Bath Spa

Going to a luxury spa to relax and rejuvenate yourself can be an expensive affair. Instead of burning a $100 hole in your pocket,...

6 Reasons Why The Last Week Of Pregnancy Is Actually The Hardest

The final countdown to your due date – you may expect it to be the most exciting and easy part of pregnancy. Well, it...

How The Circadian Rhythm Affects Your Sense Of Smell

Have you ever opened your refrigerator at night only to find your leftover lunch smell highly appetizing, although it wasn't particularly delicious when you...
the change of seasons can disrupt your inner balance

6 Things You Can Do To Sync With Vata Energy

In Ayurveda, one of the fundamental concepts is that of the doshas. These are energetic forces of nature, consisting of vata, pitta, and kapha. All three are vital...

10 Ways Of Staying Consistently Motivated Toward Your Goal

Life is too long to have just one goal. And your goals will constantly change with your age and priorities. It could be to make...