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Try This Gut-Healing Thirst Quencher

Switchel is a classic energy drink made with apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, ginger and lime, with its benefits discovered right from the times...
An Anti-Inflammatory Diet May Ease Psoriasis Symptoms

An Anti-Inflammatory Diet May Ease Psoriasis Symptoms

Psoriasis is an inflammatory condition; therefore, an anti-inflammatory approach may ease its symptoms. Omega 3 fatty acids from fish may prevent cardiovascular diseases. Colorful vegetables and fruits including spinach, kale, blueberries, and figs are good, too. Fiber from grains like whole oats, proteins from lean white meat like chicken, and good fats from avocados and nuts may ease psoriasis symptoms.
Food allergies are dangerous and can, sometimes, even be fata

5 Remedies For Food Allergies

Food allergies are dangerous and can, sometimes, even be fatal. But, as of yet, there is no cure for food allergies. They can only...

5 Anti-Inflammatory Foods To Manage Autoimmune Diseases

To manage an autoimmune disease, eat a diet that combats inflammation. Avocado contains anti-inflammatory fatty acids plus antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E. For a dose of lean protein, eat fatty fish that contain inflammation-fighting fats. An egg has a similar effect but ensure you eat the yolk as well. Even the antioxidants in green tea will handle flare-ups. Snack on nuts for anti-inflammatory nutrients like magnesium, fiber, and unsaturated fatty acids.
(Chronic liver inflammation is linked to the typical Western diet and the bacteria present in the gut)

How The Western Diet Can Harm Your Gut And Liver Health

It is rightly said that you are what you eat. The food you consume not only affects the way you look but how you...
How Ketosis Helps In Reducing Hunger And Cravings

How Ketosis Helps In Reducing Hunger And Cravings

During ketosis, your body breaks down fats releasing ketones from the liver. This results in a reduced appetite. This is mainly why some diets aim to induce a state of ketosis in your body. Ketosis occurs when your body does not have or is not able to use glycogen. When your body does not have glycogen, it automatically burns fat resulting in reduced hunger and cravings.

Drink Ginger Juice To Lose Weight And Boost Immunity

Ginger is known in Ayurveda for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Gingerol, a major component of ginger boosts immunity. By preventing oxidative damage to the cells and treating inflammation, it helps keep chronic diseases at bay. If you are aiming at healthy weight loss, drinking ginger juice every day can enhance thermogenesis and increase fat burning by 10–15%. It also prevents you from overeating and keeps your metabolic rate high.

3 Ways To Fix Your Cranky, Exhausted State Of Mind

Chronic stress can really mess with the body, so do your best to control it. Start by taking coenzyme Q10 an antioxidant that helps mitochondria produce energy. You can find it as supplements at the health food store. To support all your cells, stay active to encourage oxygen delivery. An anti-inflammatory diet will also slow down inflammation, oxidative stress, and the aging process. Chronic stress fires up these factors, so avoiding pro-inflammatory foods is a game changer.

5 Reasons Why Peaches Are Good For Your Health

Peaches contain polyphenolic compounds that can fight and prevent cancer cells. The high potassium content in these fruits may help protect your heart health. The presence of vitamin C and other antioxidants can improve the body's immunity making it less prone to illnesses. Peaches contain good amounts of vitamin A, lutein, and zeaxanthin that reduce the risk of developing eye diseases.
Health Benefits Of Moringa Leaves

7 Compelling Reasons To Add Moringa To Your Smoothie

Breakfast smoothies are great way to pack as much nutrition as possible to start your day. If there’s one ingredient that you need to...

Want To Fight Inflammation? Avoid These 5 Foods

Dieting is the best way to beat inflammation. Skip added sugar, an ingredient that increases pro-inflammatory cytokines. Remember, artificial sweeteners aren’t any better, as the gut gets inflamed. These can be in store-bought condiments! So, instead, make your own dishes or look for versions without added sugar and salt. Other foods that promote inflammation include refined starches and red meat. For anti-inflammatory benefits, eat whole grains, fruits, veggies, and omega-3 fats.

3 Simple Ways To Heal Arthritis Naturally And Effectively

Arthritis is a common cause of disability in the world, and many of its sufferers are young. Conventional medicine tends to treat arthritis with...
Oversleeping can lead to serious medical conditions in the future

7 Side Effects of Oversleeping That You Should Know About

It is important to sleep, but it is more important to not overdo this and sleep more than required. Oversleeping is indicative of depression, diabetes, obesity, and triggers headaches. It is good to learn to get the adequate amount of sleep every day depending on the individual need. Moreover, once you begin to oversleep, it can become a habit quite quickly. Oversleeping has also been linked with fertility issues in women. It also causes inflammation and decreased brain function.
Could tick bites prevent heart inflammation?

Is There A Link Between Tick Bite And Heart Disease?

Tick bites often go unnoticed. This is because tick saliva has peptides, which do not cause the skin to react like it normally would to a bug bite. But these peptides might actually help in the treatment of myocarditis or the inflammation of the heart muscle. However, there isn't substantial research to prove this, so don’t go looking for tick bites. Prevent them by avoiding woody areas, using bug repellant, and doing full body checks.

4 Fruits And Veggies That Fight Inflammation And Leaky Gut

If you ever find yourself suddenly running helter-skelter looking for a bathroom, clutching your ready-to-explode stomach, or you are constipated a lot, and you have symptoms such as tiredness or a migraine, then you may be suffering from leaky gut syndrome. Avoiding processed foods and sugars is a given. You can substitute them with delicious fruits like berries, bananas, and vegetables like beans, ginger, garlic that are designed to improve your gut health and control inflammations.