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Understanding Alopecia: More Than Just Hair Loss

Alopecia affects millions of people around the world. Despite this, there is very little education on the matter. And although lot of us still...

Why Is My Baby Losing Hair And What Should I Do About It?

Hair loss in babies is completely normal, especially in the beginning few months. In a few cases, it could be caused by a medical condition. After your baby turns 6 months and is still experiencing hair fall, it's time to see a doctor.
why your hair stops growing.

11 Reasons Your Hair Stops Growing And Becomes Thin

Worried about thinning hair? Genetics and aging can play a part in determining hair growth. Hereditary pattern baldness, physical or psychological stress, sudden hormonal changes, thyroid problems, nutritional deficiencies, damaging hairstyles, scalp infections, alopecia areata, and certain medications may also hamper hair growth.
Dandruff does not directly cause hair loss.

Can Dandruff Cause Hair Loss? What You Need To Know

Untreated dandruff and an itchy scalp could indirectly be causing your hair loss. On the flip side, hair regrowing medication like minoxidil may cause you to get dandruff in the first place. Fixing your dandruff problem may even alleviate hair loss, so it may be time to get to the root of the matter!
Natural hair care routine.

A Natural Hair-Care Routine: 10 Steps To Keep Your Tresses In Top Shape!

A simple, natural hair-care routine is all you need for great hair. Avoid excessive brushing and shampooing. Oil your hair before a shampoo and swap hair-care and styling products for natural, chemical-free cleansers. A weekly deep conditioning treatment helps when hair is dry or damaged. Trim hair regularly and feed your hair by eating right!
Guava leaves can fight hair loss, dandruff, and premature hair graying.

Top 3 Reasons To Try Guava Leaves To Fight Your Hair Woes

Guava leaves can do wonders for your hair. Drink guava leaf tea or apply a decoction to your scalp to combat hair loss. A paste of guava and Ceylon olive leaves can also help tackle dandruff. Try a hair oil infused with guava leaves, curry leaves, and amla to counter premature graying.
Benefits of kalonji oil for hair.

5 Benefits Of Kalonji Oil For Hair: Treat Your Tresses With Black Seed Oil

Kalonji or black seed oil has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients which strengthen hair, help treat hair loss, and may prevent premature graying. It also fights the Malassezia fungus that causes dandruff and works as a hair conditioner as well. Apply the oil on your scalp and keep for 30 minutes 2–3 times a week before washing off or just massage a few drops in your hair after a wash.
Home remedies for hair breakage

10 Simple Home Remedies For Hair Breakage

To prevent hair breakage, avoid damaging hair treatments with harsh chemicals or heat. Refrain from over-combing, tying your hair too tightly, and combing wet hair. Coconut oil, argan oil, and cupuassu seed butter can reduce protein loss and strengthen hair. Applying a protein-rich egg or banana hair mask can help too. A beeswax, castor oil, and olive oil balm can be a quick fix to seal split ends.
5 Shampoo Ingredients That Harm Both Your Hair And Health

5 Shampoo Ingredients That Harm Both Your Hair And Health

This new year, you’ve decided to take better care of your hair. From applying heat protection sprays before styling your mane to once-a-week deep...
Ways to get rid of back hair.

6 Ways To Get Rid Of Back Hair

In a world where "silky smooth skin" is considered beautiful, having to deal with a lot of hair can be difficult. And, if you've...

Reasons Why Your Pubic Hair Is Turning Gray

You must have accepted the fact that the hair on your head will turn gray one day. You are prepared to spot a gray strand...
Little-Known Causes Of A Breakout In Men

Skincare 101 For Men: 6 Little-Known Causes Of A Breakout

Have you ever looked at your swollen red pimple and wondered why does it happen? You load up on leafy greens and fruits, you...

10 Ways Stress Can Adversely Affect Your Health

Whether it’s the short-term frustration of a missed airplane or the long-term frustration of a job or a major life event, stress can affect...

5 Myths About Male Baldness You Thought Were True

Having recently noticed that male pattern baldness runs in your family, you've begun spending every morning in front of the mirror trying to examine your...

6 Beauty Benefits Of Ginger For Your Skin And Hair

Ginger has enjoyed a cult-like status as a natural remedy. From ancient Chinese scriptures to traditional Ayurvedic practices, ginger is mentioned everywhere. And for good...