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3 Things To Do To Apologize Meaningfully

“To err is human; to forgive, divine.”- Alexander Pope, An Essay On Criticism It is indeed human to folly and divine to forgive. But in...

6 Character Traits To Help You Spot A Sociopath

Sociopaths don't always come across as the most destructive person you have ever known. They are very efficient at understanding the weakness of others and capable of exploiting it for their own good. They are narcissistic and have a huge sense of ego. They are pathological liars and have the ability to manipulate people. It's best to keep them at arm's length if you ever come across one.
ways to get rid of ego to stay happy

5 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Ego And Stay Happy

While ego is part of everyone’s personality, an inflated ego can create problems in life. To nip it, give importance to contentment in life. Work on improving tolerance and reducing the need to be always right. To control ego, you need to know yourself better. Regular meditation is the gateway to the self. Keeping a diary of your daily behavior also helps.

9 Simple Actions That Can Reduce Your Ego

Ego is a big problem. To remove ego from your system, try techniques such as talking softly, accepting one's mistake, asking for forgiveness, doing a self-study, focusing on qualities and not on the defects, having a learning attitude, and giving adequate importance to others. After taking these steps, your ego level will go down, your spirituality will increase, you will be more relaxed, and your love for others will increase.
Non attachment might be difficult, but it can be a great revolution for the mind

Finding Inner Peace Through Letting Go: Non-Attachment

"Let it go" is one of the most popular phrases to exist on the internet, and brought a sensational hit song in the movie...
How Ashtanga Yoga Helps In Balancing Your Ego

How Ashtanga Yoga Helps In Balancing Your Ego

Ashtanga yoga – being as hard as it is – can either relieve you of your ego or build it. The key to be rid of your ego is to surrender while you practice this yoga form. Do not base your self-worth on your ability to do a pose and maintain the right attitude throughout to get closer to self-realization.

6 Reasons To Embrace Your Flaws

We live in a world where fake perfection is donned on every corner of the street. When we look up at the massive, looming billboards and...

5 Tips To Help You Rise Above Rejection

Quieten your ego and meditate. Connect with the universal power and you will feel positive and empowered. Rejection feels like a slap in the face, but stop to reflect why you are feeling that way. It will give you a better insight to the situation. Don’t look for reason with subconscious beliefs. Gracefully accept rejection, see it as an opportunity to grow, and love yourself despite it.