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Dos And Don'ts Of Ear Piercing

10 Dos And Don’ts Of Ear Piercing: Give This An Ear Now!

To avoid the risk of infection or injury, get your ears pierced from a reputed tattoo parlor rather than a regular salon. Make sure they use a sterilized needle rather than a piercing gun, use a local anesthetic after piercing, and treat the pierced area with rubbing alcohol or an antibiotic. It's best to get an earring with a gold post inserted during the process of piercing. Visit a doctor if the ear has redness or soreness.

Is It OK For Water To Enter Your Ears?

Any water that enters the ears during a shower or swim will usually not cause issues, unless an excess amount gets in and sits there for more than two days. This will cause sounds to be muffled and can even lead to inflammation and bacterial infection. To unclog your ears, lie down on your side with the affected ear facing down, yawn, or blow-dry the ear on min heat.

5 Home Remedies To Treat Your Baby’s Earache

1. Place a heating pad behind the ear to improve blood circulation. 2. Place half an onion on the ear to release antibacterial compounds. 3. Externally rub a mix of 10 drops each of lavender and eucalyptus essential oils and 2 oz coconut oil. 4. Apply mildly heated apple cider vinegar along the outside of the ear canal. 5. Place 2-3 drops of dil. hydrogen peroxide in the ear and drain.

All You Needed To Know About Lumps Behind Ears

If a lump behind, below, or in the ear stays over 4 weeks, hurts, leads to fever or infection, or recurs, don't squeeze or pop it but see a doc. It may be acne or a cyst, but may even be an abscess, ear infection (which may lead to brain abscess or meningitis), or salivary gland cancer. Remedies range from antibiotics to surgery and chemo, based on lump type. At home, use warm compress or aloe vera lotion for cysts.

Essential Oils For Summer Ailments

Essential oils like arborvitae, lavender, melaleuca, patchouli, lemongrass, etc. have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. They help in the prevention and treatment of insect bites and stings, allergies, sunburn and heat stroke, and ear infections. Dilute a mix of essential oils with a carrier oil or water and spray it on, apply topically, or add to a damp cloth placed on your skin.

4 Properties Of Sugar That Will Sound Sweet To Your Ears

Imagine a cup of coffee without sugar or plain yogurt with muesli. Not too appealing? There are reasons for our sugar cravings. Sugar amps up the flavor of food by balancing flavors of other ingredients. It acts as a preservative by reducing the water in food, making it inapt for microbes. It improves the appearance and texture of food, making eating more pleasurable.

Natural Home Remedies For Treating Painful Earaches

There are alternatives to analgesics and eardrops for earaches. Apply a hot or cold compress on the ear muscles – it will soothe the pain. You may also pour a few drops of warm olive oil into the ear canal to inhibit the buildup of earwax, protect against infections, and lessen pain. Enlist a Chiropractor to ease the strain in your neck to channelise fluid collected in the ear to the throat.

Stop Popping These Seemingly “Safe” Over-The-Counter Pills

Stop Popping These Seemingly "Safe" Over-The-Counter Pills

Is Your Earache Due To A Food Allergy?

Dairy causes ear infections? Yes, it is surprising but possible! Maintain an allergy elimination diary to understand which foods you are allergic to. List down known food triggers plus the common allergens. Eliminate them from your diet, one at a time leaving a 2-3 days gap, and note down your body's reactions to each (if any). Work towards knowing your body better.
Should I Be Worried About Fainting Often?

Should I Be Worried About Fainting Often?

Fainting can occur due to stress, dehydration, low BP/blood sugar or standing for long under the sun. If it occurs without these triggers then it could be due to nervous or cardiac disorders. Warning signs include frequent yawning, sweating, giddiness, nausea, blurry eyes and ringing ears. Consult a doctor and get tests done if it reoccurs 2-3 times a month.
Hearing Loss: Is Your Headphone To Blame?

Hearing Loss: Are Your Headphones To Blame?

When excessive sound is delivered directly into the ear through headphones, it causes damage of the hair cells (the sensory cells) leading to hair loss. Avoid listening to headphones at volumes greater than 60% of max volume more than 60 mins a day. Consequently you need to decrease your listening time if you decide to up the volume.
10 Natural Home Remedies For Treating Ear Infections

10 Natural Home Remedies For Ear Infections

Apply a cloth dipped in warm water to the affected ear. Heat a small amount of salt or rice, place in a clean cotton cloth and place on affected part. Tea tree oil with olive oil, colloidal silver and apple cider vinegar are also beneficial. Drops of garlic oil, heated mango leaf juice, holy basil, olive oil, breast milk or onion juice can treat infections caused by fungus.
Ear Infections and Antibiotics What Parents Should Know

Ear Infections and Antibiotics: What Parents Should Know?

Ask any parent about ear infections, and you will most likely hear one horror story after another. Ear infection, or Otitis Media, is the...
Instant Noodles Toxic Comfort Food That Makes You Fat

Instant Noodles: Toxic Comfort Food That Makes You Fat

Instant Noodles have been a staple for people who are cash-strapped and need a quick lunch alternative. Some instant noodles websites defend and claim...
Safely Remove Earwax At Home

How To Safely Remove Earwax At Home?

Mix 1 tspn of salt in warm water, drain with cotton ball and squeeze into ear with head tilted, then tilt so as to drain water out. You can also do the same with Hydrogen Peroxide, but mix no more than 3% with water. You can also use baby oil or vinegar, just add a few drops in the affected ear and drain out. For sensitive skin olive oil or warm water can be used.