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Various Parts Of Datura And Their Medicinal Uses

The datura has long been known as the secret ingredient that was used in love potions and witches’ flying spells. Today, this whimsical-looking member...
home remedies to cure an ear infection naturally

Home Remedies To Cure An Ear infection Naturally

Ear infections can be painful and incapacitate you in multiple ways. Whether it's for you or your kid, there some easy homeopathic preparations that can help with multiple types of infection symptoms. Also try a few natural remedies with ingredients that are usually available at home to relieve the pain.

Loud Noises You Are Exposed To Every Day

We are exposed to loud noises every day. And if you live in a big city, there is no escaping noise pollution. Living in...

Echinacea Tea: Benefits And Side Effects

Echinacea, also known as coneflower, is abundantly found in the central and eastern part of North America and Canada. With various therapeutic properties that...

Top 5 Dangerous Emotional Vampires You Should Stay Away From In Life

Let's face it, humans are social animals. It is hard to go on with your life without the presence and influence of others. Spouses,...

6 Uses Of Petroleum Jelly You May Not Have Known

When applied on damp skin, petroleum jelly locks in the skin's natural moisture. It heals minor cuts, keeping them moist and preventing scabs, and soothes diaper rashes. To treat cradle cap or head lice, apply it on your kid's head and leave it overnight. This lice treatment is effective for adults too. If you are prone to swimmer's ear, dab some jelly on a clean cotton swab and insert it in your ears while you swim.
Get Water Out Of Your Ear

How To Get Water Out Of Your Ear

From a fun swim to a relaxing bath, simple activities can trap water in your ear. Fortunately, you can drain out the fluid by tilting your head to the side and/or drying out the ear with a steamer, warm compress, clean towel, or a hair dryer set on low. A vinegar and rubbing alcohol remedy can also help, provided you have never had any ear damage.
What Is Otosclerosis

What Is Otosclerosis?

Otosclerosis is a condition of progressive hearing loss in young adults due to an abnormal bone growth in their middle ear. Early symptoms include trouble hearing whispers, low pitched sounds or ringing in ears. While sound therapies can help retrain the brain to tune out the unwanted sounds; surgery, hearing aids, and cochlear implants can help correct this condition.

Ways To Improve Hearing Naturally

Lending a ear may not be all that easy when you've done all you can to damage your taken-for-granted organ of hearing. Preserve what's left of it.

How To Keep Your Freezer Plastic-Free

Are you using plastic containers to store food in the freezer? You might want to reconsider. Here are a few ways to pimp your freezer.

What Causes Ear Infections?

Ear infection is a common issue among infants and children but there are numerous factors that increase the risk of an ear infection among...

Can Your Tonsils Cause Ear Problem?

The only good thing about tonsillitis and having your tonsils removed is the tubs of ice-cream you can eat after the surgery! But before reaching that stage, it can be a troublesome infection, with symptoms ranging from a sore throat and fever to a painful ear infection. Ear ache can also follow if you have tonsil stones.

Generation Deaf: Doctors Warn Of Dangers Of Ear Buds

Beyond dengue, H1N1 and the large epidemics that have occurred over the years, the ones that have not been under the spotlight too much...
what is auditory processing disorder

10 Signs Of Auditory Processing Disorder In Children

In auditory processing disorder (APD), the brain and the central nervous system can't process sound properly. About 5% children are affected by it. Kids with APD can't locate the source of a sound or tell similar sounds apart and have trouble understanding speech, especially in noisy places or when someone speaks too fast. They are inattentive, have learning difficulties, and perform poorly at school. Auditory training exercises, visual aids like graphs/pictures, and environments where they can hear better can help manage the condition.

Understanding Adenoiditis And How To Treat It

Part of the immune system, the adenoids are located in the back of the throat. Adenoiditis occurs when these become inflamed, often due to infection. Result is a stuffy nose, fitful sleep, impaired hearing. To help cure it naturally, gargle twice a day with a mix of 1c warm water, 1/2t each of turmeric and salt and/or try herbs like sitopaladi, garlic, sage, licorice, amalaki.