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Blood In Bodily Fluids: What It Means And What You Can Do

Finding a little blood in body fluids such as mucus, urine, breast milk, vomit, and stool once in a while need not scare you. The reason behind it may be something small that can be treated at home. For example, finding a little blood in breast milk, especially in first-time moms, can be normal and quite common. Visit a doctor if you witness excessive bleeding combined with other issues.

10 Natural Ways To Increase Your Breast Milk

Breastfeeding can be a beautiful bonding experience between mother and child but low milk supply can cause frustration and anxiety. The only clear way to check milk supply is to track the baby's weight gain. To increase milk supply, help the baby with a good latch, nurse frequently, and express or pump milk in between feedings. Fenugreek, ginger, milk thistle and goat's rue may increase production.

8 Important Things Parents Of Premature Babies Need To Know

A preterm birth is one that occurs before the 37th week of pregnancy. Prematurely born babies, often called preemies, may suffer from a great...

How Smoking While Breastfeeding Impacts Your Baby’s Health?

There is nothing you will get out of that drag but an unhealthy addiction. Smoking during pregnancy is more like carrying a bag of...

Know It All: Breastfeeding With Inverted Or Flat Nipples

The shape of your nipples can affect the ease of breastfeeding. Flat or inverted nipples may need a bit help. There are several techniques to help loosen the adhering tissues in your breast that causes them to invert. You can use your hands or specially designed equipment. You may experience some cracking and soreness so use breast milk, lanolin, teabags and peppermint water to ease the pain.

7 Tricks To Survive Sleep Deprivation After Your Baby’s Birth

You may have planned things well in advance before your baby's birth—sleeping with the baby in the cradle next to you, spending some time with...

Does The Body Start Producing Breast Milk During Pregnancy?

Your body starts preparing way early for the little one's arrival. Making sure that your baby stays well nourished after they are born, your...

All You Need To Know About Colostrum (First Breast Milk)

Yellow colored, concentrated breast milk produced when you start breastfeeding is completely normal and is called colostrum, or first breast milk. Although it is produced in quantities as low as 2 ml – which is more than sufficient– colostrum is crucial for the immunity of your newborn as it is rich in white blood cells that ward off infections. Not just that, it is also abundant in minerals like zinc and calcium as well as proteins.
Health Effects Of Insufficient Water Intake During Pregnancy

Negative Effects Of Insufficient Water Intake During Pregnancy

Water is very important for pregnant women. They must drink more water than normal people as water is critical for the healthy development of the fetus. Even the amniotic sac in which the fetus develops consists of water. Inadequate intake of water affects the mother and the child. When dehydration occurs, it can even reduce the quantity of the breast milk produced and cause under-nourishment of the child.

How Nipple Confusion Can Make Your Baby Balk At Breast ?

Babies who are made to switch between breastfeeding and bottle feed or offered pacifiers too early, often hesitate from latching or altogether forget the...

Not Drinking Enough Water? This Is What Happens!

Water keeps the body hydrated. Pregnant or not, drinking water is very important. A pregnant or a breastfeeding woman’s water requirement goes way higher...

How Your Breasts Prepare To Produce Milk For Your Baby

Breastmilk forms the first source of nutrition for a newborn. Nature prepares a woman’s body for breastfeeding from the time when she is herself...

How Moms Can Deal With A Low Breastmilk Supply

Mothers are expected to breastfeed soon after their babies are born. We all agree to it that a mother’s milk is the best food...
natural ways to increase breast milk

Natural Ways To Increase Breast Milk

Lactating mothers often worry over the inadequacy of their breast milk supply. While this is unusual, improper feeding routines can reduce the volume of breast milk. A nursing mother should learn how to feed her baby appropriately. A balanced diet is also important to maintain a sufficient supply of breast milk. Fenugreek, alfalfa, fennel, and shatavari are galactagogues which can increase breast milk. Yoga, deep breathing, and meditation techniques can help you relax and give you the confidence to successfully breastfeed.

Can Coffee Cause Nausea?

Pop-quiz. Which is the world's most widely used psychoactive stimulant? If you answer is caffeine, you're spot on! Caffeine is the world's most widely used...