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Side effects of anti-depression pills.

9 Side Effects Of Antidepressants You Must Watch Out For

Antidepressants can help people with depression regain control over their lives but it is important to be aware of their side effects. The most common ones include weight gain, nausea, sexual dysfunction, dryness of mouth, and blurred vision. Sleep disturbances, suicidal tendencies and problems like serotonin syndrome and tachyphylaxis are also possibilities.
Natural remedies for seizures.

9 Natural Remedies For Seizures

Following a ketogenic or modified Atkins diet can reduce the frequency of seizures. Electroencephalographic (EEG) biofeedback and Sahaja yoga have also been beneficial for this condition. Having vitamin E, fish oil, and herbal remedies like valerian, kava, passionflower, chamomile may also help. You can also check out Ayurvedic remedies.

11 Natural Remedies For Diabetic Neuropathy You Should Try

Diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage diabetics mostly feel in their legs and the feet. Protect your nerves by managing your diabetes well. Use ashwagandha, have vitamin B12-rich foods, and exercise regularly. Try aromatherapy, evening primrose oil, capsaicin ointments, and ginger to ease symptoms. Getting a massage can also help boost mobility.
Yoga for brain power

10 Yoga Poses For The Brain To Improve Memory And Focus

Yoga is a surprising but effective way to boost your brain power. Try asanas like the plow pose, bridge pose, big toe pose, and inversions like the shoulder stand to increase blood circulation and oxygen flow to the brain. Try asanas like the lotus pose to reduce stress and calm your mind. You could also consider yogic breathing and massage, as they not only improve focus but also fight anxiety.

7 Interesting Things Your Sense Of Humor Can Reveal About You

If your life is a bumpy road and you are the vehicle traveling on that road, then your sense of humor is the shock-absorber...
nervous breakdown is a period of intense mental distress

6 Signs That A Nervous Breakdown Is On The Horizon

“Nervous breakdown” is a period when physical and emotional stress becomes too much for an individual to function in their everyday life. Along with being emotionally...
6 Signs Unresolved Stress In Children And Tips To Reduce It

9 Signs Of Stress In Children And How To Help Them

Children manifest stress through sudden changes in behavior. A stressed child may suddenly throw temper tantrums, or have a meltdown over simple tasks, or show apathy toward everything. Their eating and sleeping patterns too may change, and they may complain more frequently of headaches and stomach aches. They may even show tic disorders like excessive blinking or throat clearing.

7 Reasons Your Period Might Be Irregular

Early, delayed, or absent. Does your period take you by surprise every month? With this comes the fear of pregnancy, if you are sexually...
Hateful thoughts can define how intelligent you are

Your Hateful Thoughts Reflect Your Level Of Intelligence

Hatred and prejudice can be of different types. Sometimes, you despise a person you just met, for absolutely no reason or for something really...
carrying extra weight doesn't necessarily indicate bad health

7 Signs That Prove You Are Healthy At Any Weight

Before you label someone as unhealthy based on just the fact that they are overweight, think again. The number on the scale is simply one...

Heel Pain? Here Are 5 Conditions That Are Likely To Blame

It’s a busy, busy life, and that means you’re likely to spend most of your time on your feet. But pounding the pavement can...

Behind The Laughs: 5 Psychological Truths About Being Funny

Ever look at a comedian and wonder what makes them go up on stage, speak their minds so clearly and make us laugh at...

Reasons Why Your Pubic Hair Is Turning Gray

You must have accepted the fact that the hair on your head will turn gray one day. You are prepared to spot a gray strand...

10 Ways Stress Can Adversely Affect Your Health

Whether it’s the short-term frustration of a missed airplane or the long-term frustration of a job or a major life event, stress can affect...

6 Incredible Ways Reishi Mushrooms Can Strengthen And Protect You

It is amazing that reishi mushrooms have started coming into the limelight only recently, even though they have been around since the last 2000...