Sauna And Steam: Bring On The Heat Experiences!

Sauna And Steam Bring On The Heat Experiences!
Sauna And Steam Bring On The Heat Experiences!

Heat experiences for health can be uplifting and will work wonders for your body and mind. Heating the body for health is something that has been around since the days of Hippocrates, the founder of modern medicine. Over two thousand years ago, he taught that raising the body temperature -brings about curative results.

If you spend some time relaxing in a heat experience – I am sure that you will feel refreshed and relaxed.


What Are These Heat Experiences?

There are two heat experiences that are common today – sauna and steam. Let’s talk about these two basics – and not the extensive water bathing rituals which exist throughout the world. That is an additional huge subject – I will talk about, in the future.

Where Can You Get It?

Sauna and steam facilities can be found in the following settings: in a spa, gym, health club, apartment complex, hotel, swimming pools, and in homes. Sauna and steam have always been popular.


For years – gyms and health clubs have incorporated sauna and steam rooms into their locker room area facilities.
The ‘spa world’ over the last ten+ years has taken this concept and expanded it into plush ‘heat experiences’ as it is called. Some world class spas have based a large part of their concept on thermal spa experiences. And can offer as many as six chambers, each housing a different heat treatment – with temperature and humidity alterations. In my opinion, that is a bit over the top – not needed. I say this in light of my experiences in the creation, building, and operations of spas and fitness facilities worldwide.


What is important to know – is that these heat experiences form a powerful and therapeutic element of your spa journey. Or your gym regime – or your relaxation and detox day.


So my tip is this: to allow yourself plenty of time to use the heat before a massage. It definitely relaxes your muscles and mind. Some spas will offer this as part of the cost of your treatment. Other businesses shy away from offering or have strict rules because they feel it is a drain on their expenses of laundry and amenities. If the spa has the facility, ask about this when you make your appointment.

Another tip: whether it is a spa, gym, or health club. There are times or reasons that you do not want to splurge on an expensive massage or purchase a year membership at a new gym. Ask if they offer a day use pass. I have successfully created these in gyms and spas, so people can avail this and enjoy the heat experiences and the relaxation areas.



It is customary to have rules and signs posted in spas, pools, and fitness facilities worldwide. The following are some cautionary reminders.

Pregnant women cannot use heat treatments because they are not supposed to heat their body core.


Heart patients with a blood pressure condition or others suffering from a disease – do consult your physician first.

Note that rules change everywhere. What works in one part of the world would never be accepted in another place. There are many locales worldwide, which actually implement mixed-gender nudity compulsory facilities.


Don’t consume alcohol.

Do – drink plenty of water before, during, and after your time in the heat.


My Suggestions

It may sound fun to go to a co-ed sauna or steam, but in actuality – some do mandate a bathing suit. I much prefer to relax with a towel around me in a female only sauna – and I can drop that towel, as I wish.

Always sit or lay on a towel – especially in steam rooms.

This is a time for you to de-compress. I advise you to go alone. Or take a quiet friend and not the talkative one.

Look for off peak hours – when you can have the facility all to yourself. Or with as few people as possible.

Many saunas have lights inside. If the staff is not around – and you see the switch near the door – turn it off. It is truly much more relaxing than having a naked light bulb in your eyes.

The most beneficial way to use the heat experiences is to relax for 10 – 15 minutes in one of the heat experiences and then take a rinse in the shower. Cool down and rest a bit. Give yourself some time. Even if the facility does not have a luxurious lounger – no problem. You can still rest on a bench. Then – if you have the time and you feel good – go back into the heat again. And again.

Alternating the heat with sufficient time to cool down and rest – is the most important. Don’t rush.

Benefits of Heat treatments:

Sweating helps the body rid itself of excess sodium, drugs, and some toxins. Sweating in a sauna or steam room dilates the blood vessels and thereby improves general circulation.

The skin is the largest organ of your body. Heat treatments cleanse by opening the pores and flushing out impurities.

– Soothe and relaxes tired muscles
– Improved blood circulation
– Enhanced detoxification processes
– Increase in energy
– Improved sleep
– A strengthened immune system
– Improves skin and body tone
– Tension and stress relief

All in all – heat treatments have a lot going for them. At the top of the list is, that by doing so, you will be contributing to your healing processes and promoting feelings of relaxation and well-being.

When you do take some significant time for your heat treatments – you may feel like the edges of your body are not so solid.

You may actually feel like Floating… wonderful !