Are Your Multivitamins Poisoning You?

Are Your Multivitamins Poisoning You?

Vitamins and minerals are necessary for every function in your body. The B vitamins are also needed daily for the absorption of other vitamins and minerals to work properly.

B-1 is needed to help absorb magnesium properly. The B-complex is needed for vitamin-C to function right. B-vitamins work to help other vitamins to reduce inflammation in the body.

Vitamins and minerals all have a complex function and must all co-exist together to provide you a healthy functioning body.

What if your vitamins and minerals are synthetic, in other words created in a lab, derived from products other than real food? Consider the following.


What’s In Your Multivitamins Supplement?

One-a-Day by Bayer, Centrum by PFIZER, 5 Hour Energy, are synthetic compounds of petroleum products and coal tar.

The B-Vitamins found a multivitamins supplement like One-a-Day by Bayer, Centrum by PFIZER, 5 Hour Energy, along with thousands of others, are synthetic compounds, a byproduct of the manufacturing process of certain petroleum products.

The synthetic form of almost all of the B vitamins is derived from a product called “Grewe Diamine”, which is a derivative of Coal Tar. When the Grewe Diamine is derived from the tar it is then processed with several harsh chemicals like ammonia, formaldehyde, sulfuric acid, and acetylene, just to name a few.

Vitamin-C is a synthetic made of hydrogenated sugar processed with acetone.

How about vitamin-D, which we have learned is needed for healthy bones, healthy heart function, and emotional well-being, is derived from one of the following:

  • Irradiated Animal fat
  • Irradiated Cattle brains
  • Solvent extracted


How is your emotional well-being doing you now?

Yes, even those “Flintstones Chewable” multivitamins you’re giving your children have these same synthetic vitamins!!

Take note of this, if a manufacture uses these types of vitamins in their products, “They must meet the high standards of the United States Pharmacopeia.” The question, “You’ve got to be joking, right?

Coal Tar is a known carcinogen. If you have eaten healthy and have taken you’re One-a-Day, and still got CANCER, that’s why.

Many have known this for years, but if you have been buying any of the mentioned multivitamins above or even a 5 Hour Energy Drink, all your money spent has gone out your urine.

Much of the synthetic vitamin passes through the urine unabsorbed.

Taking these types of vitamins, leads to depletion of other essential nutrients from your body as it stores certain vitamins and minerals.

The liver stores vitamin B-12, but if you’re taking a synthetic form of B-12, you are depleting your live stores. Synthetic B-12 cannot be absorbed, and therefore your body robs the liver of the stored B-12 to function properly.

With continued use of the synthetic B-12 you will eventually completely deplete your liver stores. Without B-12 other health problems ensue rapidly.

Vitamin B-12 helps regulate digestion, absorption, respiration, circulation, and body temperature.  But with that depletion, these bodily functions cannot happen.

If you feel you need to take a multivitamins supplement, know what you’re grabbing from the shelf before buying it, your health depends on it.