6 Most Common Sexual Fantasies And Their Meaning

Fantasies are normal and a part of our sexuality. Sexual fantasies don’t always mean that they have to be true. Some of us have sexual fantasies that we never talk about and some share them with friends or partners they are comfortable with.

Fantasizing about something or someone is associated with the experiences that individual had while he or she was growing up. Studies show that men and women differ in their fantasies; women prefer to remain passive or receptive while men prefer being active.1


Most Common Sexual Fantasies And Their Meaning

Whatever may be the fantasy, they all have hidden meanings to it. Here is a list of six common sexual fantasies and what they mean.

1. The Perfect Lover

Fantasizing A Perfect Lover Is A Common Sexual Fantasy


This is the most common fantasy among both men and women where they fantasize about the perfect lover who would do anything to please them. The perfect lover could be your real-life partner or someone you know. Since it’s a fantasy, it could also be a perfect stranger, a celebrity you felt a connection with, or even someone you work with.

In this fantasy, you’d want to do everything you can think of – kissing, sex in different positions, and mutual masturbation. At the end of the fantasy what you are looking for is a perfect irresistible and satisfying lover for your deep desires.


2. Threesome Fantasies

Having More Than One Partner Is A Common Sexual Fantasy

Another familiar fantasy and most commonly associated with the male imagination is the threesome. Sex with two lovers – most often a girlfriend and another woman – is a common fantasy that men have. Women are not behind either! Being with two hot men can certainly not be bad or for those women with bisexual tendencies, may be a man and a woman could turn them on.


This kind of fantasy is common when the individual fantasizing it has not had enough time to experiment his or her sexual desires. The most common age for this type of fantasy is during college days where experimentation is more socially accepted.

3. Bisexual Fantasies

Sexual Desire Toward Same Sex Is A Common Sexual Fantasy


Having same-sex fantasies does not make you bisexual, although it could mean that you are not bothered by it. It is normal for men to be turned on by two women making out, but it takes an open-minded woman to actually enjoy two men indulging in sexual activities.

When women fantasize about sex with another woman, they imagine their partner’s whole body – breasts, hair, skin, eyes, etc. However, when men fantasize about sex with other men, they focus only on one thing – the penis. Having bisexual fantasies is only a reflection of the curiosity one lives with and does not necessarily mean that they are gay or lesbian.


4. BDSM Fantasies

Dominance And Submission Is A Common Sexual Fantasy

BDSM fantasies are often erotic practices involving bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism. This sexual fantasy revolves around power and surrender or dominance and submission.


Power gives some individuals a rush and it only gets better in a sexual fantasy. Acts in this fantasy include spanking, whipping, tickling, teasing, and others. Domination is popular among men, especially those who feel less powerful in real life. So, a submissive woman would make the man feel powerful.

On the other hand, submission is for the real-life dominant individuals. This lets you believe that someone else is making you do something and it is not entirely your fault, leaving you with a “guilt-free” feeling.

5. Exhibitionism and Voyeurism

Watching Porn Is An Example Of Voyeuristic Desires

This is another common fantasy meaning seeing and being seen. Exhibitionism is exposing one’s self in such a way that it provides a sexual gratification. Voyeurism, on the other hand, is sexual pleasure one receives from seeing one naked or involved in sexual activities.

Watching porn is an example of voyeuristic desires. Just the same way people like to watch other people involved in sexual activities, there are people who like being watched.

6. Animals And Angels

Spiritual Sexual Desire Is A Common Sexual Fantasy

Having animal sex fantasies does not mean that you need to have sex with animals. It only reflects on the animal nature hidden within you. On the other hand, you can also have spiritual sexual fantasies – those involved with angels and gods/goddesses.