Moringa For Weight Loss: Fight The Fat Now!

Moringa for weight loss
Moringa for weight loss

It is a truth universally acknowledged that anyone with over 30 percent body fat is looking for a slimming magic potion. Yes, we all wish we were thinner. Even if we have managed to lose weight, we still think we could look better by losing just a little more weight and fit into those skinny jeans. But vanity aside, there are a lot more reasons to lose weight. Obesity comes with a bundle of health risks like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, coronary heart disease, stroke, gallstones, fertility problems, high cholesterol and osteoarthritis. Unfortunately, obesity also puts us at a risk of developing certain cancers such as colon, gallbladder, endometrial and breast cancer. 1

Like many other natural ingredients, moringa is also in the race for weight loss super foods. But can moringa help you lose weight? Well, right now, moringa is very hot with nutritionists. It is said that moringa can aid weight loss in many ways. Moringa leaf powder, moringa capsules and moringa extract are found in many weight loss supplements, while moringa tea is said to be a slimmer’s drink.


Let’s figure out what works in favor of moringa for weight loss.

Has Anti-Obesity Action

It is actually possible to lose weight with moringa if we go by this 2014 study. The weight-loss potential of moringa or moringa oleifera leaves was examined on rats with high-fat-diet-induced obesity. After 49 days of treatment with moringa leaves extract, the rats showed a significant change in their body weight, organ weight, and cholesterol levels. Their body temperatures also increased, proving a thermogenic effect of the extract, which is helpful in increasing the body’s metabolic rate.2


Lowers Cholesterol

Obese and overweight individuals often report high cholesterol levels. It’s a vicious cycle –high cholesterol leads to obesity and obesity leads to high cholesterol. According to a study, the crude leaf extract of moringa showed cholesterol-lowering activity. Consumption of the extract along with a high-fat diet decreased the high-fat-diet-induced increases in serum, liver and kidney-cholesterol levels by 14.35 percent, 6.40 percent, and 11.09 percent respectively.3

Keeps Blood Sugar in Check – And Your Waistline, Too!

We all know the strong link between blood sugar levels and obesity. What if you could keep your blood sugar levels stable for life? Moringa’s component called moringa isothiocyanates is the main antiobesity and antidiabetic bioactive of moringa concentrate. Just being supplemented a 5 percent moringa concentrate resulted in lower plasma insulin, leptin, resistin, and cholesterol in obese rats. The study concluded that moringa concentrate may be effective for the prevention of obesity and type 2 diabetes.4


Not just rats, moringa also works to lower human blood sugar levels. Both diabetics and non-diabetics participated in a study wherein they had to consume moringa tea and their blood sugar samples were tested two hours later. While non-diabetics showed little improvement, the diabetics were observed to have a substantial mean drop of 28.15 mg/dl in blood sugar.5

Rich in Fat Fighting Antioxidants and Nutrients

Moringa is highly nutritious, loaded with carotene, protein, vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, antioxidants, and potassium.6 A lot of these aid weight loss. According to a study involving Mexican school-aged kids, it was observed that deficiency of micronutrients such as vitamins A and C were associated with obesity, inflammation and insulin resistance. Moringa products such as teas and leaf powders can effectively supply these. So if you’re wondering how to use moringa for weight loss, fret no more!7


But the high antioxidants in moringa take the cake when it comes to fighting fat. According to a study, obesity, described as a state of chronic oxidative stress, is linked to major disorders such as insulin resistance, hypertension and the like.8 The intake of fruits and vegetables, which serve as the main sources of dietary antioxidant vitamins, should be recommended for the obese. And if you don’t want to feast on them, moringa’s rich antioxidant content also reverses oxidative stress.9

Its Chlorogenic Acid Does the Job

Moringa is loaded with a potent fat-fighter called chlorogenic acid.10 Often touted to be nature’s very own fat burner, chlorogenic acid has been shown to reduce body weight and visceral fat mass in high-fat-fed rats. It also regulates lipid metabolism.11


Burns Belly Fat. Yay!

Studies reveal that moringa’s hypolipidemic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties not only help us drop those pounds, but also reduce our waist circumference. When treated with the ethanolic extract of moringa, rats showed a significant decrease in abdominal and thoracic circumferences as well as BMI.12