20 Reasons To Drink More Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is a drink with many potential benefits and it has been used throughout history to treat a long list of health problems. This fermented tonic has quickly become the latest must-have super-drink! So what’s all the buzz about? Find out the top reasons people cite for drinking this stuff. Bottoms up then!

1. Promotes Weight Loss

Apple Cider Vinegar has long been used to alleviate weight loss since it stimulates the body’s metabolic rate helping burn fat vigorously. Consuming ACV right before your meals could help keep your body weight under check to a great extent. This is because apple contains a high amount of pectin that keeps you feeling fuller and satisfied. Some studies also show how ACV is more effective in reducing weight than raw apples because the acid content of ACV breaks down protein faster than raw apples.

2. Cures Any Wart


Troubled about warts and other skin issues? Worry not, ACV can save your ass. Apply some ACV on to the affected area and cover it with a bandage. Remove the bandage in the morning to see changes. Mind you, the changes will appear in different people depending on their skin and body types. Thousands of people have sworn by the power of ACV in curing warts and other skin disorders, so why not give it a shot! You might be quite surprised by the results.

3. Fights Yeast Infections


Millions of women from around the world who suffer from candida (yeast infection) find solace in ACV. Its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties can give relief from candida and other yeast and fungus infections of the skin, foot and toenails. ACV consists of probiotics and a type of acid that boosts the growth of probiotics in your body, thus eliminating candida from the roots. All you have to do is stay away from sugar and consume 1 tbsp of ACV  3 times a day until your body is free of candida.

4. Maintains Healthy Cholesterol Levels


Research has indicated that apple cider vinegar improves the lipid profile of blood by decreasing the levels of triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) or bad cholesterol, as also by increasing the levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) or good cholesterol.

5. Steadies Blood Pressure


Both high blood pressure or low blood, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water every day can stabilize blood pressure. A 12-week study that was conducted in 2009 came to the conclusion that consuming ACV on a regular basis lowers blood pressure and triglycerides to a great extent. Drinking ACV daily is also known to boost insulin sensitivity when consuming meals rich in carbohydrates.

6. Fights Diabetes


The anti-glycemic effects of apple cider vinegar help to improve insulin sensitivity, steady your stomach’s rate of digestion, helping maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Many studies have observed that the acetic acid found in ACV can help control diabetes by balancing blood sugar levels. You can consume it in form of salad dressings or directly in spoonfuls right before meals.

7. Improves Hair Health


Acetic acid, the main ingredient in ACV destroys the Malassezia furfur fungus, restores the pH balance of the scalp, cleanses the effect of toxic hair lotions, strengthens the hair shafts and treats dandruff in the hair, leaving shiny lustrous hair. ACV can be used as a natural conditioner that would keep your hair protected from brittleness and pollution. For best results, pour a mixture of ACV and water onto your scalp right after shampooing.

8. Fights Arthritis

2_Living with Joint Pains and Arthritis

Arthritis pain is often caused due to the accumulation of metabolic waste in your joints. The components of ACV like pectin, acetic acid, and malic acid help absorb these toxins and flush them right out of your body. When consumed on a regular basis, ACV is capable of reducing the pain and stiffness caused by arthritis by dissolving the acid crystals that have formed in your joints.

9. Acts As A Skin Toner


Apple cider vinegar reduces inflammation, balances pH levels and absorbs excess oil and fights a variety of skin problems from psoriasis, eczema, dry skin, age or liver spots, sunburns, acne, and blemishes. Try rubbing ACV on affected areas or mix some ACV in the water you use to wash your face to experience the miraculous transformation of your skin. You can even try mixing it with essential oils for heightened healing.

10. Tackles Bad Breath


ACV consists of many natural acids like malic acid and acetic acid that can effectively remove the bacteria in your mouth that produce bad breath. ACV also has antiseptic properties that help eliminate the plaque in your mouth, which causes odor and infections. The fact that ACV prevents digestive problems also contributes to keeping bad breath at bay.  The trace elements like calcium, magnesium, chlorine, copper, silicon, potassium, sodium, fluorine and iron can also help in keeping your teeth and gums strong.

11. Stops Hiccups Or Acid Reflux


Acid reflux or hiccups is caused by an underproduction of stomach acid. One of the major reasons that cause heartburn and acid reflux are lack of probiotics and enzymes, and imbalanced stomach pH levels. ACV restores the acid balance in the stomach and eases irritating spasms of the diaphragm.

12. Prevents Indigestion

How-to-Improve-Digestion-Naturally (1)

ACV can serve as the solution for all your indigestion troubles. A concoction of ACV with honey in warm water helps cure issues with indigestion. If you face flatulence problems, dilute a tablespoon of enzyme-rich ACV with a cup of tea or lukewarm water and consume it before meals. This solution will also help keep constipation under check, as vinegar can stimulate your digestive juices.

13. Soothes A Sore Throat


If you frequently suffer the wrath of common colds and sore throats, then you better keep ACV stocked in your kitchen cabinet. As ACV is brimming with probiotics and vitamins, it is capable of eliminating the bad bacteria and germs that causes throat infections. Gargling with a mixture apple cider vinegar and warm water can soothe runny noses and sore throats in a jiffy.

14. Treats Insect Bites, Poison Ivy Sting, And Sunburn


The minerals and nutrients present in ACV can help relieve swelling, inflammation, sunburn, and bug bites. Apply a mixture of ACV and warm water in 1:1 ratio on the effected are for alleviating the pain of insect bites. You can even try soaking the affected area in a bath of warm water and ACV. For surburns and poison ivy stings, apply a mixture ACV and water mixed in 1:3 ratio to the affected are with a cotton cloth or washcloth.

15. Clears A Stuffy Nose


If you are one of those unlucky souls that constantly suffer from sinus trouble then ACV can help you out big time. If your are ingesting ACV for the first time, then it’s advised that you consume it in smaller amounts—like a teaspoon or two. Add 2 teaspoons of ACV with a glass of lukewarm water and consume it twice a day to unclog your stubborn sinuses. For heightened results, practice this method for a month. Gradually you can try it whenever you feel like your sinuses are getting worked up.

16. Replenishes Energy Levels

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ACV contains potassium and enzymes that negate fatigue causing lactic acid build up, due to post workouts or stress. According to a study published in the Journal of Diabetes Care, consuming ACV on a regular basis could speed up weight loss. One of the major reasons why ACV boosts weight loss is that it reduces sugar cravings and detoxifies your system; leading to an increase in your metabolism levels.

17. Reduces Swelling Or Edema


Swelling of legs or ankles due to  water retention can be quite a painful predicament named Edema. ACV is often used as an effective home remedy to keep Edema under control. One or two capfuls of apple cider vinegar in a warm bath helps expel toxins, moisturizes skin, and soothes aching and swollen hands and feet.

18. Whitens Your TeethCan_Specific_Foods_Whiten_Stain_Teeth

Another amazing benefit that ACV has is the ability to preserve and enhance oral health. Gargling with apple cider vinegar helps remove stains and kills bacteria in your mouth and gums. It can also be used as a natural teeth whitener. Dip your finger in ACV and rub in on your teeth for a minute or two. Rinse with water afterwards. Do this regularly to get amazing results.

19. Reduces Varicose Veins


ACV is a great choice when it comes to relieving varicose veins. It is capable of improving the blood circulation in your veins and also soothe the bulging nerves with its anti-inflammatory properties. Combine ACV and witch hazel for faster results—all you have to do is rub the mixture in a circular motion on the affected areas.

20. Prevents Body Odor


A major cause for body odor is the presence of bad bacteria and yeast in your body. When your armpit stays moist, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. Dabbing ACV on your underarms helps absorb and neutralize odors without blocking the natural ability of the body to sweat and detoxify.