Make Your Dieting Brain Happy Again

Let’s get real for a second. You might know me as a health coach. And I do have a Masters degree in holistic nutrition. But I’m just an everyday person.

The Power In Keeping Your Brain Happy

I’m a sugar addict. My favorite food group is bread. I love pizza. And the idea of lifting weights at the gym makes me feel completely blah. I’m prone to carry too much stress. And I can easily work too much and feel guilty taking time for myself. So is it my determination to withstand deprivation that allows me to live this healthy lifestyle?

Abso-freakin-lutely not. Do I have superhuman willpower? Well, my mother said that I was stubborn even as a baby. But that’s not it. So you want to know what allowed me to become healthy? Lean in, because I’m going to tell you a very special secret. I transformed my life by first making just one simple mindset shift.

I Realized My Mind Responds To Change Like a 3-Year-Old

Your mind can be like a little kid that likes its routine and will throw a

tantrum if you try to disturb it. It isn’t that the new is bad. It is just unfamiliar which equates to scary. And a natural reaction to fear is to run and hide. Or throw a tantrum until you get back to what’s comfortable

Take this example. Let’s say you’ve made a resolution to exercise more. So you start going to the gym regularly and you’re feeling really good. And you find that it’s getting easier and easier to get yourself to go.

But then you take a day off. Which is fine because everyone needs a day off from time to time. But then the same thing happens the next day. And the day after that. And all of a sudden getting yourself moving starts to not be so easy. So what the heck happened?

You felt good in your new habit. Your new habit fit in well with your lifestyle. But your brain connected with that 3-year-old part of you that craves familiarity. So it convinced you to give up your new habit even though it was working well within your

lifestyle! Because your brain craved comfort and wanted to go back to the familiar.

A Powerful Mindset Shift

This brings me to the all important mindset shift. You must bring your new habits to your own place of comfort and normalcy. I know that can sound confusing. Because, by definition, any type of healthy change is living outside of your your personalized sense of comfort. However, you must introduce the new habit to your brain as a friend and you must do so by appeasing your brain’s need for comfort.

OK, I know what you’re thinking. Erica, this sounds all fine and dandy, but how the heck am I gonna pull that off?

Again, this goes back to the mindset shift. You must find healthier habits that appease your emotional needs. Let me give you an example using my own journey.

My Old Dieting Ways

I was famous for leaping into my diets. I would drop all my diet comforts to go full force with my new diet. And it would work because I was super determined. But a few weeks into this, I would grow

tired and cranky. I felt emotionally deprived. And I would start to daydream about my favorite foods.

So I would cheat just a little bit. Just to feel more emotionally satisfied. But going back to my diet after a cheat would feel unbearable. My brain was so much more comforted with the cheat. And not rewarding myself in this same way started to make my brain very unhappy.

Now I know you’re thinking. Erica, you were on a diet. You just needed to suck it up if you wanted to be successful. But that is the exact mindset I had to change to be successful.

Appeasing The 3-Year-Old

I made an important mindset shift. I started to actively make healthy changes that appeased that 3-year-old, comfort seeking part of my brain. I had to focus as much on keeping that part of my brain happy as I did on making change. Now here’s the difficult part. How did I do that?

How I Made My Dieting Brain Happy

Take this example. I would often snack at night in front of the TV. That activity was my

reward, signaling my brain that the work of the day was over and it was my time to relax. So keeping the habit in place was the best bet to appease my brain while making healthy changes. This was my personal mindset shift needed to effectively create new habits.

So I had to brainstorm how to do this while still being healthy. First, I made a list of healthier foods I enjoy. Go back to what I said at the beginning. I’m truly a sugar addict and I find sugar extremely emotionally satisfying. So, I went out and got a huge container of frozen blackberries and raspberries (my absolute favorite). I also got a bunch of dates covered in shredded coconut which tasted like candy to me.

But I didn’t stop there. I had been on a low-fat diet for years. So I started researching about healthy fats and how they can actually help your diet and heal your body. I started to fill my cabinets with nuts, avocado, and coconut which tasted so good because I’d deprived myself of them for

years. I personally really enjoyed these foods which means eating them sent pleasure signals to my brain.

And here I was eating healthier, giving myself the ability to snack with foods I enjoy. And I was doing it in a way that was kinder to my brain’s needs for comfort. Now this wasn’t the only change I made to appease my brain in eating healthier. This is just one example. Most people have multiple habits they need to re-create to keep their brain happy while eating healthier.

A Personality Stamped Diet Plan

But here’s the tricky part. What worked for me won’t necessarily work for you. My brain finds certain things comforting that might not at all be comforting to you and vice versa. This is why there also needs to be a mindset shift that eating healthy doesn’t translate to the same diet for everyone.

You need to take time exploring your own needs. What healthy habits can you create that will appease both your body and your brain? And don’t give up if you don’t immediately have an answer. If this were easy,

you would have been doing this years ago.

Think of your brain as a crying, screaming baby. Do you just give up if the baby doesn’t stop crying with the first thing you try? Or do you instead try something else? Really explore what your brain needs to be happy in a healthy lifestyle.

This is why I always say diet isn’t one size fits all. Because a healthy lifestyle makes you feel good, both body and soul. But you need to understand your unique needs before making any healthy change. So if you do only one thing for your health this year, explore this simple mindset shift. Because the end result might be that living healthy has never felt so easy.