Kidneys- The Super Filters


Kidney degradation doesn’t happen overnight unless of sudden blood loss or dehydration. Most of the causes are lifestyle induced and can be controlled.

  • Long term use of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) -prescription painkillers,
  • Cigarette Smoking
  • Contrast Dyes used in diagnostic radiology procedures,
  • Higher Salt (Sodium) intake
  • Drug allergies
  • Consuming Genetically Modified (GM) foods, artificial sweetners and carbonated beverages
  • Consuming Animal protein (meat and dairy products)
  • High intake of caffeine laden drinks and high-oxalate foods
  • Vitamin D deficiency.
  • Sepsis, Rhabdomyolysis and Multiple Myeloma.
  • Diseases affecting the kidney.


Prevention through self-awareness about symptoms, regular clinical diagnosis, holistic lifestyle and positive outlook can help you nurture your kidneys.

  • Manage diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease: Following a healthy diet, a regular exercise regimen and adhering to medication guidelines is critical to avoid overloading the kidneys with excessive, unwanted by-products.
  • Keep the Table Salt Shaker away: Sodium increases blood pressure and is a contributor in kidney stone formation.
  • Hydrate:  Water eases the load on the kidneys by ensuring smooth waste disposal, good blood volume and concentration.
  • Don’t control the urge to pee: Storing toxic urine in the bladder, for longer than needed, can lead to uninary tract infections that can affect the kidney’s filtration adversely.
  • Eat right:  The more junk you eat the more the poor kidneys need to struggle to filter and eliminate. Foods like fish, asparagus, cereals, garlic, parsley and fruits like watermelon, oranges and lemons make the task of the kidneys easier.
  • Think and drink: Carbonated drinks or the tea/coffee from the vending machine, are drinks that leave you and the kidneys dehydrated. Coconut water is great for the kidneys.
  • Quit the habit: Alcohol abuse upsets the body’s electrolyte balance and hormonal control that influences the kidney function. Smoking has an adverse effect on heart health which can further worsen kidney problems.
  • Reduce Obesity: Obesity leads to other chronic ailments which indirectly affect the kidneys. Keep your weight in check.
  • Don’t play Doctor: Improper knowledge, about the implications of an increase in dosage or new medication, on your kidney health, may lead to fatal kidney failure. Follow dosage recommendations and avoid self medication.
  • Know your herbs and supplements: Discuss with your practitioner the consequences on your kidney, before going on a herbal supplement diet.
  • Get yourself tested regularly: Don’t shy away from getting regular tests done to diagnose and treat early symptoms.