20 Things Every Woman Should Have And Know By The Time She’s 30

When you turn 30 you start thinking of life in a slightly different way as you have already have life experience and also have a lot to look forward to; dreams to fulfill, people to love, and places to go. 30 is an age that should be truly cherished and embraced by every woman because you are young; but not naive, you are old; but not falling apart— in other words, 30 is the perfect age to start living your life the way you want.

There are certain things every woman should possess by time she crosses the third decade of her life. She should also be the keeper of some incredibly valuable pearls of wisdom which she has collected over the years. Here’s a list of 20 things a woman should own and be aware by the time she hits the golden milestone of 30.

Things She Should Know

1. To Live Alone


Living alone can be challenging but it helps you grow into an independent, strong woman. Live by yourself for a while, experience the freedom and responsibilities that come along with it—know how to fend for yourself.

2. When To Hold On And When To Let Go


Yes, it is important that you see the fine line between fighting to keep something in your life and letting go because it is not meant to be. As you grow old, you will come across many people and things in life —while you may feel like holding on to some of them forever, you need to make sure you are doing the right thing by allowing them to stay in your life. Ask yourself if the particular person or thing is worth fighting for.

3. To Move On


A major trait that set women apart from men is the fact that women tend to hold on to their grudges, regrets, and affection longer than men. This may not be the case of every woman or man, but it is applicable to a majority of men and women. The way you deal with rejections and failures plays a vital role in shaping your life. You can either cry over it for an eternity or move on with your life, looking for better opportunities and people.

4. To Say “No”


Its sometimes a very hard thing to do, but you still have to master the art of drawing the line when you feel it is required. You don’t live to please anyone. Say “no” if you don’t feel comfortable with something or someone. You should understand the fact that the world owes you nothing and you don’t owe anything to the world either—it’s not up to you to keep everyone happy.

5. Whom To Trust And Whom To Avoid


Reading people is a subtle art that you usually master as you age. By 30, you should at least be able to distinguish between people who are worth your time and the ones who are toxic to your life. 30 is a milestone at which you are at the least able to distinguish between genuine and fake people.

6. To Not Feel Sorry When It’s Not your Fault


Many women have the habit of apologizing for no reason— they do it out of habit; because they have been conditioned to be submissive and gentle and tolerant. So not say you are sorry when you are actually not responsible. Don’t be sorry for being right. Don’t be sorry for standing up for your beliefs. Most importantly, never ever be sorry for who you are or what you want to be.

7. How To Break Up Face To Face


How do you usually execute your breakups? Via email? Text? A phone call? Or do you do it face-to-face? Those who have braved the last option already know how difficult and awkward it is. But it is best done when you can look into the eyes of the person you are about to let go off and tell — it might be messy, but it’s the decent thing to do.

8. How To Kiss Your Partner Perfectly


Have you been told that you are a good kisser? If you haven’t acquired that compliment yet, maybe it is time you worked on it until you can give your partner the most perfect kiss ever. Your kiss should be able to convey all the love you have for your lover without you having to utter a single world. It should be a kiss that would make them fall in love with you again and again.

9. That Even An Unhappy Childhood Comes To An End


Getting over your past is sometimes more difficult than you imagine. You might have had an unhappy childhood, but don’t let that ruin the rest of your life. Live the moment, seize new opportunities, meet new people, fall in love again, learn to trust—not everyone will hurt you. Somewhere down the lane, a happy story awaits you.

10. The Name Of The Best Tailor/Boutique/ Salon/ Shoe Shop In Town


Though everyone keeps stressing upon how what matters the most is your inner beauty, in no way does it mean you shouldn’t focus on looking good. The way you present yourself always makes a difference. Not mention how looking good will also make you feel good. So make sure you know all the right people who would help you look like a dream even on days you wake up like a disaster.

Things You Should Have

1. A Content Youth


By the time you hit 30, you should have some idea about where your life is going and what you plan to do with it.  You should have tried out enough options in your 20s to be able to make a decision when you cross 30. You should also be satisfied enough to put your youth behind by the time you reach this age. Which means you have to check off everything you have ever wanted to do in your 20’s before crossing over to the next phase of your life.

2. A Past That Is Worth Recalling


Everyone has a past—it could be happy, tragic, peppered with stupid decisions, or bursting with drama. No one can change what has happened in their past, but make sure that you live in the present in such a way that you will be able to fondly reminisce in the future. This does not mean you should plan for a past without any regrets or guilt—it should be exciting enough to make your children and grandchildren titter with glee when you retell it someday.

3. The Perfect Outfit


Every woman should be the owner of one or more outfits that will make her look good no matter what the situation is. It could be a dress, or a blouse, a pantsuit, or a perfectly fitting pair of jeans that will help her look like a diva without even trying. Make sure you have at least one piece of clothing that can save your ass during job interviews and date nights like; elegant, chic, and flawless.

4. The Realization That You Are Not Getting Any Younger


Are you afraid of growing old? If you are, then you better get over that fear as one cannot turn the clock back. Denial is not going to get you anywhere. Accept the fact that you are growing old; nobody stays young forever. Aging gracefully is much better than going down kicking and screaming. Trust us, growing old has its own surprising perks and advantages.

5. An Ex-lover Who Has Left A Mark


Though popular books and movies make millions out of vengeful ex-lovers trying to kill each other, all exes do not have to be so bad. You may not give them enough credit, but it is often the ones who have hurt you the most that have made you the strongest. You should have at least one ex-lover who has helped you turn into who you are today. Nothing and no one can teach you a lesson the way your past can.

6. A Resume That Would Take You Places


Never underestimate the power of a resume. You might think it’s just a piece of paper, but with the right experiences and exposure, your resume will certainly help you go far in life. Your resume should be sound enough that it does not require embellishments of any sort. Your job experience and worldly knowledge alone should be able to make an impression on your potential employer.

7. A Friend Who Would Be With You Through Thick And Thin


If you are a part of the Grey’s Anatomy fandom, then you will surely be familiar with the term “my person”; a friend who would stand by you even if you murder someone. Friends are really, really important in life. You should have at least one person around you who truly care for you and will go to any extent to save your back.

8. Something Ridiculously Expensive That You Do Not Regret Buying


You owe it to yourself to splurge your money once in a while. Every woman deserves such an expensive item in her life that she has brought with her own hard-earned money. Treat yourself to something really expensive on rare occasions. Do not hesitate to buy what you love fearing that you are being irrational— you owe it to yourself to own good things.

9. An Exclusive Beauty Regimen And Exercise Routine


An important fact you have to realize by the time you turn 30 is that your skin and body are not so young anymore; that you need to take better care of them. Preserving your health and beauty is very important, especially when your body doesn’t regenerate cells or heal like it used to. By the time you hit 30, you should have developed for yourself an exercise routine and a personal skin care regimen.

10. An Email And Bank Account That Only You Can Access


Privacy and financial security are two things every woman absolutely requires. Own an email account that no one knows the password to except you and open a bank account that only you can access. It is imperative that you have a cushion to fall back on if and when you are faced with difficult times in the future.