Kidneys- The Super Filters


Kidneys filter blood and discharge urine, so abnormalities (presence of substances) in blood and urine tests, is a strong indicator of something amiss. The two most common kidney function tests are Creatinine (blood) and Albumin (urine).

  • Creatinine: Muscle movement creates the waste product creatinine, which damaged kidneys fail to filter, leaving traces of this substance in your blood.
  • Albumin (type of protein): Healthy kidney filters are so supremely fine that protein cannot pass through. Finding traces of protein in urine (bubbly or foamy) indicates kidney problems.


Short term or long term kidney degeneration can manifest in various anomalies like:

  • Pyelonephritis -infection of kidney pelvis,
  • Glomerulonephritis– Blood and protein discharge in urine,
  • Kidney stones (nephrolithiasis),
  • Nephrotic syndrome– protein discharge in urine,
  • Polycystic kidney disease– formation of large cysts,
  • Acute renal failure– due to sudden loss of blood or dehydration,
  • Chronic renal failure– due to long term chronic diseases,
  • End stage renal disease (ESRD)-complete loss of kidney function,
  • Papillary necrosis-broken kidney tissue clogging the kidneys,
  • Kidney cancer-Renal cell carcinoma,
  • Interstitial nephritis– Inflammation of the connective tissue, to name a few.