12 Huge Moments From When You Become A Dad

Becoming a dad is a new journey that teaches you how the little things in life are never little. The little things, the little memories are what is forever. These moments make your life beautiful and full. Fathers often realize this through pregnancy. The memory of waiting for that pink line to appear on the pregnancy stick to the time your little one starts talking, every moment is cherished and helps build your fatherhood. So, here is a list of such moments fathers from all around have shared with us.

1. The Pink Line

Holding your lady’s hands and catching your breath, you wait for the moment when that extra line appears on the pregnancy test. The wait seems like forever and when the line finally appears, your eyes are welled up and the joy is unexplainable. It is a very intimate moment for you as a couple when you know you’ve procreated a life. Moment one is etched into your memory lane and this definitely is as beautiful as the day you and your wife said the words ‘I do’.


2. The Scan

Knowing you’re pregnant from a test is much different from actually seeing a tiny blip on the ultrasound scan. Even though it’s just a tiny blip, the sound of your little one’s heartbeat is a sound that matches no orchestra or melancholy. You feel proud and your father instincts begin to kick in. Moment number two leaves you speechless when you think of the wonder you’re responsible for creating.

3. Those Kicks

You’ve heard your baby’s heartbeat and you’ve seen that tiny blip, but the day your baby kicks is the day you heart swells and you just can’t wait to play with your little bundle of joy. Your baby reacts to voices and feel of your hand. Many fathers say their babies move or kick on hearing the father’s voice or when they lay their hands on the mother’s bump. And every kick your baby lands gives you a vision of a small boy kicking the football. Moment three is a vision of a future where you play ball with your son/daughter.


4. The D-Day

The final day. The day when you’re scared and anxious all at once. You’re a mess with emotions running wild in your head and you’re all over the place unable to contain your excitement. And when the doctor places in your hand a tiny human fitting into your hands perfectly, is when you know life has been and can never be better. It is the most beautiful thing in the world and sharing this moment with your significant other is the best feeling. Moment number four is when you know your family is complete.

5. Vaccination

Watching your little one getting vaccinated is more painful for the father than the baby. Your baby might cry for a few minutes and then settle down. However, you, the father can never get past the pain your little one must’ve felt. All of a sudden, your tough exterior is all gone and you turn into a softie who just cannot stop crying over your baby’s pain from the injections. Moment number five is when you realize how protective you are over your child.


6. And The Embarrassments Begin

That first time your baby poops or pees on someone else. The time when someone holds your baby and s/he royally wets their pants. This is the first of many embarrassments you might have to face. And this the moment you know parenting is about embracing your child’s mistakes and goofiness and laugh at them. You’d surprised as to how these moments make you happy and look past their mischief. Moment six makes you understand how important it is to let your kids learn from their mistakes and that you’re in for a lot of embarrassing moments.

7. The Roll-Over

You watch how your baby is trying to roll on his stomach for weeks. You’ve installed cameras everywhere because you don’t want to miss this special moment. And no matter how many times s/he does it, each time feels like the first and just as special. Moment seven teaches you how the little things matter more than we think in life.


8. The All-Nighters

Well well, parenting is no easy task. We all have had our sleepless nights. And there will come a phase in your newborn’s life, where s/he does not stop crying the whole night. You talk them for a walk, sing them a lullaby, show them playtoys and yet, they just don’t stop. You’re aching from all the crying and just want your little one to calm down and smile. This is a developmental phase called Period of Purple crying in your newborn and there is nothing you can do to avoid it. It’ll just stop one day and your child will leave you wondering how it happened. Moment eight shows us life has its ups and downs. And this memory you can’t forget, oh boy.

9. The Crawl

The baby steps begin and you can’t contain your joy. And it takes just a few weeks before your child crawls out at any chance s/he gets when the door is open.


10. That Laugh

This is the time you know there is no other sound in the world that can make you as happy as this. Your child’s first laugh. It might something silly, your child may find the carpet or even a vessel funny. And this is when you are ready to do anything silly just to hear that laugh once again. Moment nine shows how you’re willing to do anything for your loved ones.

11. The First Step

Your child is a big boy now. He has begun walking and making his mark on earth and you, the father couldn’t be any prouder. You watch as your toddler now runs around the house creating all the mischief he can. This is one moment you know you’ll always be there to catch your little one and that you’re always the lookout. You lead the way as your boy is gearing up to take on the world. This moment shows what it is to be a father.


12. The Incessant Babbling

Your child is all grown up and now she can’t stop babbling. And it is cute. You don’t understand a word or syllable of what she says and yet you talk and talk for hours just to listen to those meaningless noises she makes. How adorable can it get, you ask yourself. And the day you hear “Dada” and “Mamma” is yet another precious moment you add to your memory palace.

These are just the beginning of the many moments you’ll find special. There are so many other milestones that we can’t list here(the list is just too long) but you proud dads know them all. Embrace every moment as these memories keep you happy and feel like your life is full and complete.