8 Tricks To Get Your Baby Move Inside You

Pregnant women wait for that special moment when they can feel their baby moving inside them. And the wait definitely seems forever. But, what if we said there are a few things you could do to make your little one move in utero during your second and third trimesters of pregnancy. so, if you want to satiate your hunger for those sweet kicks, try these tricks.

1. Have A Snack

Those blood sugar rushes do to your baby what they do to you. If you want to feel your little one’s foot or want to make sure your unborn is okay, try munching on some healthy snacks such as cheese and crackers, peanut butter toast, Greek yogurt or some fruits. You can even try adding a fresh juice. A sugar boost in your blood is what it takes to get your baby to kick sometimes.


2. Jumping Jacks

Doctors often use this trick to bring out your baby when s/he is in hiding inside you. Do some jumping jacks or go for a short jog and then you’ll see how active your baby is all of a sudden. Doctors use this technique to get your baby in a new position where s/he can be seen on the camera.

3. Poke Or Jiggle Your Bump

You must be familiar how your health practitioner or doctor pokes your tummy or shakes the ultrasound device on your stomach to wake your baby. And many expecting moms say they feel their baby move when the mother simply pokes or jiggles their baby bump. However, if your baby does not respond, do not poke or jiggle vigorously.


4. Shine A Flashlight

When you’re in your second trimester, precisely between weeks 22 and 26, your baby’s eyes have developed and advanced enough to perceive light and dark. Use this to your advantage to feel your baby. Shine a flashlight on your stomach and watch how your little one moves inside you. What can we say, they love the spotlight?

5. Rest, Lie Down

All the action through the day acts as a nice rocking movement for your baby putting them to a nice sleep. It is almost like a sweet lullaby for your baby when you walk, run or move around. So, even if it’s not your nap time, take a break and lie down for a while. Many pregnant women say the moment they lie down and rest, their babies squirm and begin to move. If lying down on your back does not help, try rolling from one side to another.


6. Talk To Him/Her

Talk to your baby whenever you can. Your baby’s only communication is through movements. Your baby’s hearing is developed enough by 26 weeks for them to hear your voice and respond to it. Your baby can hear any loud noises in the house, the whoosh of blood or your sweet nothings and how you coo to them. So, talk to your baby often and wait for them to kick, move their head or wriggle inside you.

7. Get Your Adrenaline Running

When there is an adrenaline rush through your veins, the butterflies in your stomach give your baby an equal rush. So, watch a thriller or suspense movie. Something that makes you jittery or has your adrenaline pumping. However, do so in limits and don’t get hyper or over excited. Getting yourself into panic doesn’t help either of you.


8. Use Music

Sing some lullabies to your baby while you rub your belly or play some music on good volume. Make sure it is not too loud. Play some peppy songs that get your baby up and kicking. Your baby’s hearing is just developing so refrain from any loud unpleasant songs or noises.

All these tricks are safe and fun ways to get your baby up and rolling. But if these do not wake your baby, there is nothing to be concerned about. Your little one is just unique. As long as you feel kicks and movements frequently in your third trimester, everything is fine. However, if you’re still concerned and worried that something is wrong, go to your doctor and get a check-up done. And once your doctor assures you everything is fine, bask in the short-lasted glory of your pregnancy and wait for your little one to respond to you.