6 Natural And Safe Ways To Get Your Period Faster

While you usually want ‘that time of the month’ to come at the same time every month, there may be some exceptions. Perhaps your dates are coinciding with a much-awaited beach vacation, a deadly long flight, an important business conference, a mountain-climbing excursion, or a once-in-a-lifetime event like your wedding or honeymoon! At such times you obviously don’t want to stress about your menstrual cycle. You want it done and dusted so that you’re not caught by surprise at an untimely moment. Instead of taking pills to modify the period dates (that may sometimes not work or have side-effects) it is better to have it out of the way naturally. But can you really advance your period? Could there actually be home remedies to get periods fast?

Traditional practices and scientific data prove that there are many things you can do to make your period come sooner. From specific foods to herbs and medicinal plants, there is a lot you can count on to make your period come early. In fact, in certain communities, some plants are also used as abortifacients and emmenagogues (things that stimulate or increase menstrual flow). For instance, Spanish New Mexicans use cotton root bark, inmortal, poleo chino, rue, wormseed and three species of Artemesia for this purpose.1


Ways To Make Your Period Come Faster

1. How About Some Chamomile Tea?

Pedanius Dioscorides, a renowned Greek physician, pharmacologist, and botanist claimed that chamomile tea has abortive qualities. Anything that has abortive qualities can generally help bring on your period faster. According to him, the flower, root, and the entire plant accelerate menstruation, release of the embryo, and also lead to the discharge of urine and stone, provided that they are used in the form of an infusion and baths.2

However, scientific evidence to support his theory is lacking. But since regular consumption of chamomile tea is known to reduce menstrual cramps, it wouldn’t hurt to try it.3


2. Caper Fix

Capers are widely consumed in the Mediterranean, especially in their pickled form. Legend has it that its seeds were often used by the ancient Arabs and Greeks to accelerate menstruation.4
The unopened flower buds also act as a laxative and have been used in folk medicine to stimulate menstruation.

3. Care For Some Parsley?

One of the ways to get your menstrual period early is to consume copious amounts of parsley. It has often been used as a traditional treatment for amenorrhea, the abnormal absence of menstruation.5


Go ahead and sprinkle some extra parsley on your pasta. You can also consume the herb in the form of a tea. Parsley tea is quite popular to kick start your periods by causing uterine contractions. Having parsley in large quantities often results in abortion. So if you suspect you might be pregnant, try and abstain from it.

4. Black Cumin To The Rescue

Another ingredient to get your period faster on the list of the classical physician Dioscorides was black cumin. It accelerates menstruation, increases urine flow and milk flow, among other benefits.6


Even in Indian culture, women are given black cumin water and foods with this spice after delivering a baby to clear up the system and enhance breast milk production. You can sprinkle roasted black cumin powder over your salads or sautéed veggies or just boil it in water to reap the benefits.

5. De-stress And Calm Down

Stress is a very big cause of amenorrhea. We know that stress messes us up from the inside out. Meditate, relax, go for a yoga class, watch a movie or indulge in a bubble bath… Do whatever it takes for your to feel Zen. According to researchers, stress and the resulting increase in cortisol secretion, suppresses women’s hypothalamic gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) input to the pituitary-ovarian axis. This leads to delayed ovulation or infertility. Stress management and reduction leads to the return of GnRH drive along with the resumption of ovulation and menstruation.7


6. Have Some Sex

One of the many ways to get your period to come faster is by grabbing your partner for a session in the sack. Yes, sex is known to relax the vaginal muscles, triggering the shedding of the lining of the uterus. It may not always work, but you wouldn’t mind trying out this trick.8

As we know, each body is different and so is its response to each stimulant. While there is no certainty that these methods will help your periods come faster, these are safe ways to give it a try.