How To Get Rid Of Nose Piercing Bump: Home Remedies That Work

nose piercing bump
nose piercing bump

So, you got your nose pierced and now you have a bump next to it to deal with. We know how frustrating it could get. There are many ways you can get rid of it. Before we get into it, what the heck is that bump?

What Is That Bump?

Anytime a wound (like a piercing) is created on the skin, there is a chance of it getting infected. Considering nose piercing–be it nostril or septum–is done on a cartilage and not a fleshy area like the earlobe, it takes longer to heal. That’s the reason why you get bumps near nose piercing but very rarely near ear piercing. There are two possibilities: this bump could either be a pustule or a keloid, also referred to as granuloma. Whatever be the nature of the bump, DO NOT TRY TO DRAIN IT YOURSELF!


Pustule: It is a localized piercing pimple which appears as one or in a recurrent cycle. It is pus-filled and may be tender or itchy.1

Keloid/Granuloma: Any injury on the skin can result in an abnormal growth of skin tissues in that area that resemble a bump and is often harmless. These bumps are called keloids and are very common after nose piercing.2


Though the exact cause of the bump is unknown, poor piercing techniques and/or poor hygiene after piercing can cause it. If you change your jewelry immediately or finger the piercing continuously, it could result in an infection or a bump.

How To Get Rid Of The Bump Near Nose Piercing?

Once a bump or a keloid is detected at the site of the nose piercing, you can take it to a dermatologist for an expert opinion. You may be tempted to remove the nose pin as soon as you notice something amiss near the piercing. Unless it is an allergic reaction (in which case you need to remove it immediately) or your dermatologist has recommended it, do not do it. Let the bump heal with the jewelry on. Depending on whether it is an infection, an allergic reaction or a keloid, there is a variety of treatments available. For small bumps like the one near nose piercing, cryotherapy is found to be useful.3 Surgically removing a keloid, too is an option.4


But before thinking of surgically removing the bump, wouldn’t it be better to give certain home remedies a shot?

Home Remedies To Treat The Bump

Though no research has been done on the subject, anecdotal evidence shows an impressive success rate with home remedies. Here are some:


Sea Salt Soak Works Like Magic

After you get your piercing done, perhaps the first advice you would get from anyone who has had experience with piercing is to soak the pierced area in sea salt. It is found to be extremely effective in avoiding infections and also to get rid of the bump. But how’s it done? Here are two ways of doing it. Mix some sea salt with water. Soak a ball of cotton in it and place the cotton on the bump. Alternatively, you can also try a mildly uncomfortable way of dunking your nose in the saline solution as long as you can.5 Some experts do not agree with this as it involves wetting and fingering the piercing site which can be counterproductive. It is important to dry the area with a clean towel after the sea salt soak.

Some Chamomile Tea After That

Following the sea salt soak with chamomile tea is also found to be beneficial in removing the nose bump.


How About Tea Tree Oil?

There is an overwhelming response on the internet for this remedy. Tea tree oil has antimicrobial properties and applying it continuously on the affected area is found to take care of the bump. Here’s a hitch, though. Go for the diluted TTO because the undiluted one is strong and is found to cause irritation on the skin.6

Here’s another remedy you can try at home. Crush an aspirin tablet, mix it with water to make a paste. Place the paste on the bump and let it sit for 30 minutes. Wash it with an antibacterial soap after that. Repeat it till the bump disappears.


Lemon, Honey Can Help, Too

There are positive responses to remedies like lemon juice and also honey in treating the bump near nose piercing. You can apply one of these on the piercing and see if it works.

Though these remedies are found to be successful, there is no guarantee that they would work for you. If it doesn’t, you might want to consult a dermatologist on the way forward.


How To Avoid A Bump From Forming

Well, it is always fun to get a piercing done. But it’s better to avoid a bump from forming than fretting about it afterward. Clean your nose thoroughly before the piercing is done. Postpone your piercing if you are suffering from any respiratory illness or sinusitis. Once the area is prepped for piercing, do not touch the area. It’s important to go to a qualified piercer to avoid infection or complication later. Keep the area dry and clean after the piercing is done. During the healing, the pierced area will be tender and so, you need to be careful while sneezing and also avoid any friction on the area.7