Cellulite Reduction Tool Box – 13 Ways To Banish Cellulite

Hi Gorgeous!

Today I wanted to talk to you about a question I get all the time. How do I get rid of cellulite? Here are some of the other names cellulite goes by – ‘Orange Peel’, ‘Cottage Cheese’ and ‘Dimples’. This is such a hot topic that I needed to share my top tips with you.


First let us really understand what cellulite is. We all know what it looks like, dimples on the thighs and booty. It can happen on women who are heavy and women who are thin. Cellulite has no enemies!

Cellulite has the ability to make us feel self-conscious and hide that we truly are by bringing down our confidence. Let us start banning cellulite today, no this very minute!


What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite is mainly due to a sluggish lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is your body’s natural detox system. I like to describe it similar to a fish net that covers your entire body and lies right underneath your skin.

The lymph system is the body’s secondary circulatory system and helps to get rid of toxic waste, bacteria and dead cells and fatty deposits.


Men have collagen fibers arranged in horizontal nets rather than vertical fibers in women’s skin. This single file vertical structuring is what allows dermal fat to push through the skin, and is accentuated by women who have thinner skin than men. This thinner skin lets the fat push up through the fibers, appearing as dimpled skin.

10 Reasons You Might Have Cellulite

  1. Hereditary
  2. Poor Circulation
  3. Processed Foods
  4. Sluggish or Overloaded Liver
  5. Hormonal Imbalance
  6. Tight Restrictive Clothing
  7. Toxins From Beauty Care Products
  8. Lack Of Exercise and Skin Stimulation
  9. Weak Connective Skin Fibers
  10. ‘Yo-Yo’ Dieting (Weight Cycling)

So do not feel bad, everyone even super models get cellulite. There are things that we can do to help reduce the signs that do not cost an arm and a leg and are natural.


First I want to say if you have bought into the ‘Cellulite Reducing Creams’ I want you to turn the product over and read the label. What are the ingredients? Most likely they are toxic chemicals that you are slathering on your cellulite and your skin and blood stream are absorbing them.

The body is super smart and it knows that these chemicals are dangerous and it will do anything to protect your vital organs at any cost. It is going to take those chemicals and when your liver is too overloaded, it is going to store them right in your fat cell.


So please, throw out those cellulite creams right now. I will wait while you go do that. Ok, let us move on to what we can do naturally to help reduce cellulite. Here is my list and we will go over each one.

Cellulite Reduction – Tool Box

1. Dry Skin Brushing

This is a great way to stimulate the lymph system and skin to bring more oxygen to the areas that have cellulite. Learning how to dry skin brush is easy and effective.


2. Cutting Out Carbonated Drinks

Some people notice a reduction in cellulite when they eliminate carbonated beverages from their diet. Remember everyone is different so experiment and see how your body reacts.

3. Healthy Diet And Exercise

Exercise brings more oxygen and blood flow to the body and stimulates the lymph system. Doing cardio and exercising with weights helps to exchange fat for muscle.


A hot and healthy diet of real natural organic foods is always the best. Cut out processed foods and cutting back or eliminating dairy and gluten can have good results too.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

ACV is a great way to help balance the PH of your body. Disease can not take hold in an alkalized body. Drinks containing ACV are a great way to alkalize the body.

5. Detox Teas

Detoxing the body by drinking natural detox teas is a great addition to your cellulite reduction toolbox. Teas are loaded with antioxidants and can help to reduce inflammation. Some of my favorites are Green Tea, Matcha, Rose Hip Tea, Kombucha and Lemon Tea.

6. Rebounding

I absolutely love rebounding! It is a great way to gently stimulate your lymph system. The lymph system does not have a pump like the heart, so exercise is what moves the lymph system in your body. Rebounding works every muscle in your body at once.

7. Healing Your Gut

Your gut is your ‘second brain’. If your gut health is not in tiptop shape you most likely are going to have a sluggish liver and a sluggish liver leads to overload in the body.

8. Infrared Sauna

Want to make your skin glow? Then the sauna is for you. The benefits of a sauna are many. The sauna heats up your body to help it release toxins by sweating them out. It also hydrates and moisturizes your skin. Plus it helps to burn calories.

When you raise your bodies’ temperature, it creates an “artificial fever”, which stimulates the bodies immune system to kill viruses in the body.

9. LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy can be an effective way to tone skin, reduce the appearance of pore size, impart smooth texture and increase elasticity of your skin.

The light emits UV-free, beneficial light rays that energizes cells and stimulates the body’s natural process to build new proteins and regenerate cells. It can also help to increase collagen and elastin production.

10. Hydration

Hydrating the body with good clean water like alkalized or filtered water is key in helping the body flush away toxins. It will also plump up the skin to fill it out and give it a smoother look.

11. Essential Oils

I love essential oils and have been using them for years. The citrus oils such as lemon, orange and lime are a great way to help the fat cells detox.

Add some essential oil drops to coconut oil and then use a dry skin brush to stimulate the skin in a circular motion. The oils help to break down the fat and petro-chemicals that are stored in the fat cells. Plus they smell great!

12. Massage And Cupping

These are both great ways to stimulate the skin, increasing the microcirculation underneath the skin. The unique suction action of the cupping tool targets tissue and circulation within the layers of the skin (which is not targeted by conventional circulation and fat reduction techniques).

13. Weight Training

The appearance of cellulite and the “dimple” effect is largely caused by under-used muscle tissue. The dimples will appear more visible when light is reflected off the skin, giving the dimpled area a type of hill and valley look, such as when you are in a lighted dressing room.

Weight training works to build the underlying muscle tissue and press the tissue up against the skin to reduce the dimpled effect. Squats, lunges, leg presses and “booty work” are going to be your best friends forever to reduce the visible signs of cellulite.