A Homemade Drink That Helps Keep Cancer At Bay

A fresh drink made from carrots, apples, beets, and lemon has proved to prevent cancer

With the rising number of cancer cases all around the world, we are always looking for ways to prevent it. Common habits like smoking and drinking or family history of cancer cases raise our risk of getting affected by it, but our will to prevent it can always help us in some way. The main mantra to prevent cancer is to detoxify your body regularly and it can be done by the consumption of the right foods in the right amount.

Certain foods are known to prevent cancer, and of these, apples, carrots, and beetroots are some familiar anticancer foods. Since a long time now, people from all over the world have been consuming these whole foods in numerous ways to keep themselves healthy. But it has been found that if these foods along with lemon are combined to make a drink, it turns out to be a “magic potion” that can miraculously prevent cancer.

The Ingredients In The Magic Potion

(This detoxifying drink contains one beetroot, one apple, one carrot, and one lemon

This natural beverage is freshly prepared by using apple, beetroot, carrot, and lemon. Since some time now, many people around the world have been consuming this drink and have said to have found significant improvement in their health condition.

We all know that cancer is characterized by high inflammation of cancerous cells and is also related to oxidative stress. Apples contain flavonoids that act as antioxidants and prevent free radical damage by supporting and controlling normal inflammation.1 Similarly, beetroot also contains numerous nutrients and potential antioxidants such as betacyanin that scavenge free radicals, thereby preventing cancer cells from growing.2 3 Consumption of beetroot juice has also been found to convert nitrate to nitric oxide and keep a person healthy. Carrots, too, are a popularly known anticancer food as this vegetable contains an antioxidant known as beta-carotene. Beta-carotene has proved to be very helpful in preventing the growth of cancer cells.4 The fourth ingredient in this drink is lemon, a rich source of vitamin C, a nutrient that is highly beneficial for health. Vitamin C contains ascorbic acid that has numerous health-benefiting properties. Antioxidants present in apples, beets, and carrots have been found to act jointly with vitamin C and help in cancer prevention effectively.5

The Wonder Drink Recipe

For this anticancer magic potion to work well, you must consume it fresh. Make sure that you include it in your daily diet and stay far away from the risk of getting affected by cancer.

Ingredients Needed:

1. 1 apple
2. 1 beetroot
3. 1 carrot
4. 1 lemon


Wash all the ingredients. Do not peel them, and just chop them all into pieces. Put the pieces in a juicer and make them into a juice. Drink it slowly as soon as you make it as it works the best when you have it fresh.

Other Health Benefits Of This Drink

Apart from preventing cancer, this wonder drink has found to help in the prevention and treatment of many other health conditions.

1. It boosts the immune system with all its antioxidants and other nutrients.
2. The drink improves vision and works well to treat eye redness.
3. It makes the skin glow and look healthier.
4. This drink helps in treating acne and prevents breakouts.
5. It reduces any kind of pain that is experienced after a session of intensive physical training.
6. It gets rid of bad breath that results from the ingestion of food.
7. It reduces menstrual pain.
8. This magical drink strengthens the lungs and helps in the regulation of blood pressure.
9. It has a positive effect on the colon and eliminates hard stool, treating constipation naturally.
10. It helps in the prevention of liver and kidney diseases, prevents the formation of ulcers in the stomach, and also, boosts pancreatic health.

When a single drink can provide you with so many health benefits, you can easily start having it. Share this recipe with your friends and loved ones, and prevent the onset of cancer. Your health is in your hands; so when you still have time, help yourself stay healthy and happy.