3 Reasons Why Moping Can Make Anxiety More Difficult To Manage

Anxiety can be a hard beast to tackle. One small step can make or break the framework of our sanity when we are fragile. And this is true for anxiety as it can push people to the very edge. People go to great lengths to treat their anxiety, but sometimes can fail because of their habits. There are many habits that can have a counterproductive effect on anxiety.

Some people turn to alcohol to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety. It helps till the time they are inebriated but not after that. Similarly, another detrimental habit that can make anxiety worse is moping. Anxiety can make people feel low and dejected in life. And in such times, people can often seek to be alone to find answers. This initiative works for people when they are trying to introspect or recharge themselves after a hectic schedule or a failure. But the result can be counterproductive when people with anxiety want to dwell in their dark spaces alone. Here is a list of reasons why people with anxiety shouldn’t use moping as a way of coping with their anxiety.


1. Inactivity Won’t Help

When you are living with anxiety, its physical manifestations can often leave you feeling exhausted and tired. This would make you want to sit alone to gain back your strength. But remember you are feeling tired because of your anxiety. So, sitting isolated from the world is not going to help you. Physical activity is very important for maintaining good health. It stabilizes our hormones and help us to be mentally and physically fitter. Physically fit individuals are better equipped to handle anxiety and panic attacks. 1 Regular exercise is known to have produced many physical and mental benefits. And it is known to have reduced depressive tendencies in people by reducing their cortisol levels. 2 So, it is important for people who are dealing with anxiety to keep themselves moving.

2. Isolation Won’t Let You Heal

Anxiety can often make a person feel alone and isolated. So, it is very important that you surround yourselves with your loved ones. Your loved ones can make you feel good and welcome. It is very easy to lose your perspective and sense of reality when you have anxiety. It is obvious to think that the fears in your head are real. And that is why you need to be around people who love you because they will provide you with the touch of reality and relevance that you need to deal with this condition.

3. Thoughts Running Wild

Thoughts are powerful, especially when we are low. Moping alone can give a huge way to our wild thoughts to run amok. This is not good for our anxiety because our wild thoughts can push us into a whirlpool of panic. So, you need to take a hard decision here and face your thoughts bravely. You need to acknowledge them because of their presence. But at the same time you need to tell yourself that they are mere thoughts and not a reality. Acknowledge your bad thoughts and nudge them towards a positive direction. This will allow you to gain back control over your thoughts.

Run Towards Happiness

Anxiety can always make you feel gloomy and its physical manifestations will never let you forget that either. So, your ability to feel happy is the first thing that will get lost when you have anxiety. So, it is imperative that you make a conscious effort to be present in happy moments as and when they happen. We often take our happiness for granted. It is only when we lose it, we realize its value. So, grab every chance you get to be happy. Make conscious decisions to do things that make you happy. Take each day as it comes. Don’t lose your hope by thinking too much about the future. Try to be happy in the moment and you will eventually find your happiness back again.

Hope is a powerful emotion that can save us from crippling despair. So, hold on to your hope and keep moving forward because sunshine awaits you on the other side.