9 Natural And Easy Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Termites

Termites can cause havoc to your furniture

Termites are extremely hardy, fast spreading pests. So, it is practically impossible to get rid of these insects all at once. Though there are many chemical treatments available in the market to prevent termite attacks, these chemicals can create problems for your health and for the environment. There are many handy natural remedies available that can get rid of termite infestations. neem oil is a non-toxic, eco-friendly wood preservative that can get rid of many types of insects.

Castor oil is an effective ingredient that can control termites which damage the wood.1 Wood vinegar, a product obtained from naturally destructed wood, is a powerful anti-termite and anti-fungal solution. 2 Common salt can also effectively repel termites and can reduce the moisture that causes the decay of wood much faster.3

Ways To Get Rid of Termites

1. Neem Oil And Castor Oil Can Fight Decay

Neem oil is potent at fighting decayed wood

Neem wood, in general, is highly resistant to termites and can prevent termites from colonizing and decaying the structures. Treating the other kinds of wooden structures with a coating of neem oil can be effective in long-term repellency of termites. It is also an effective wood preservative that can fight against decay and fungi. It will be a cheaper and a safe method to consider if you are looking for health-friendly options to treat wood.

It is also easily available in the market and greatly increases the degree of resistance of the wood to termite attack. 4 You can also use a combination of castor

oil and castor cake in the ratio of 1:1 or the castor oil for treating wood which reduces weight loss in wood infested with termites.5

2. Vetiver Essential Oil Is Toxic To Termites

Vetiver essential oils is toxic to termites

Extracts of vetiver oil are capable of repelling termites to a great extent. It decreases their food consumption, disrupts the tunneling behavior and can be toxic to the termite population.6

3. Orange Oil Is Effective For Termite Control

Orange oils are effective at termite control

Oil from citrus peels is generally known to be toxic to insects. Orange oil extracts can be effectively used to control termites and is found to be one of

the safest conventional methods for termite control.7

4. Mint And Lemongrass Oils Kill Termites Instantly

Mint and lemongrass oil can kill termites

Mint, lemongrass, and fennel oil extracts are best choices for anti-termite activity with 10 percent of mint oil ranking the first in achieving 100 percent mortality of termites within half an hour.8

5. Eucalyptus Oil Is An Effective Repellent

Eucalyptus oil is effective at repelling termites

A concentrated solution of the eucalyptus essential oil achieved a decrease in the termite feeding rate and acted as

an effective repellent as well.9 You can prepare a homemade oil repellent with these oils and spray the solution directly on the wood.

6. Borate Salts Treat Infected Decaying Wood

Borate salt can be used on decayed wood

Borate salts, also known commonly as borax, can effectively treat termite infected decaying wood. Borates are being increasingly used as a wood preservative to inhibit termites and other insects. A wooden surface treated with borax dust or a solution is found to be effective in repelling termites to a maximum extent and also in controlling the already existing termite population. They are known to be slow acting termiticides and work by malnourishing and poisoning the termites. The termites gradually starve and die later.10

7. Kerosene
Is Potent At Killing Termites

Kerosene is very potent at killing the termites

You can use this readily available ingredient as a spray on the wood that has been attacked by termites. It can also be injected into the holes made by the termites in the wooden structures. The solution creates a trap and debilitates the termites from movement. You can also add other termite repellent essential oils with kerosene and use it as a spray or a solution as kerosene is a good solvent. Spraying kerosene is also found to be very effective in repelling other types of insects.11

8. Wood Vinegar Is A Great Wood Preservative

Wood vinegar can kill the termites instantly

Wood vinegar is an eco-friendly product obtained from trees to tackle these pests. This extract is taken from naturally degrading wood

and has amazing benefits as a wood preservative. Wood vinegar can be extracted from a single type of wood or from a combination of wood. So, it finds its use as an excellent termiticide when the extract is obtained from different types of wood that has anti-termite properties. Eucalyptus wood vinegar, when used in a concentrated form, has high efficacy in fighting termite attacks.12

9. Common Salt Is Effective At Controlling Termites

Common salt is a very effective way to control termites

This simple ingredient is effective in controlling termites. It greatly reduces the moisture content in the wood that helps the termites to thrive and it has a great tendency to absorb moisture. Sprinkle and inject common salt in the holes made by termites and it will deter them from moving around in pathways and tunnels.13