5 Destructive Traps Self-Pity Lays For Its Victims

Feeling sorry for oneself all the time, regardless of what situation one is in is what describes self-pity. Self-pity is the worst place for a person to dwell in. It is very difficult to see any good when you are constantly feeling bad for yourself. Disappointments become a constant reality for people who are dwelling in the abyss of self-pity. Negativity is something that comes with self-pity and it doesn’t allow its victims to see the brighter side of things because of this. Self-pity takes away all the power from a person and adversely affects the way people look at the world and the opportunities that it provides. Here are five destructive traps that self-pity lays for us that we should be aware of.

1. Feeling Victimized


Self-pity allows people to be victims in all situations. No matter what you do, your mentality would always make you feel like a victim. People, situations and decisions would always victimize a person who lives in the pit of self-pity. Adopting this kind of mentality can make things very difficult for a person. A constant sense of being at loss would have an adverse effect on a person’s psyche which would scare him or her to face the world. And if this mentality is not changed, then it can lead him or her to severe depression.

2. Depression

A constant sense of being a loser can critically hamper a person’s sense of self. And this sense can spiral out of control if not recognized and stopped as it can lead to depression later. And people with depression often have cognitive distortion that stops them from seeing the good things in their lives and makes them obsessed with the bad things that have happened. Depression happens due to some chemical imbalances in the brain which can be treated. But it is important that people see it that way and seek help before the damage is done.

3. Giving Up Becomes Easy

People who always victimize themselves think that they are doomed to fail in life. So, what is the point of even trying? This victim mentality makes it easier for such people to give up rather than fight back and carry on. People who dwell in self-pity tend to lose hope on everything. So, giving up is the only solution they deem fit in order to carry on with their lives. They feel that accepting their dreadful fate will ease their pain of being a constant victim in life.

4. Stuck In A Rut

Self-pity can make people think like they have no other option in life than to be miserable. So, they would feel that they have to be stuck in their misery all their lives. It basically stops people from moving on to a better terrain in life. Also, people feel a sense of familiarity where they are stuck, so it becomes a norm for them. It gives a false sense of psychological comfort that people must break in order to move on in life.

5. Low Self-Esteem

If a person constantly thinks that the world out there is going defeat him or her and then judge him or her for the loss, then it is normal for that person to have low self-esteem. The mentality of self-pity makes one feel powerless and helpless. That is why giving up is easier for such people. And when you don’t take on the challenge of changing your life, you ought to feel like a loser which would definitely ruin the way you perceive yourself. This will eventually give rise to other problems like anxiety and depression.

These are the awful mental traps that self-pity can lay for us to fall in and be forever trapped in. So, it is very important that we have clarity of reason. We need to question all our bad thoughts that come to us and turn them into positive ones. It is easier said than done but it is the only way a person can get out these traps. Holding to one’s optimism and not losing the positive outlook is the only way out of these traps. So, hold on to your reasons and positivity because good things await.