6 Things Gynecologists Wish All Women Knew

Gynecologists play a pivotal part in the lives of all women. Gynecologists happen to be the ones who know their patients inside out quite literally. All women share the most intimate of details with their gynecologists but still a lot of the times feel a little embarrassed to share certain information with them. Women often feel that it might be a little too much information for their doctors to know and even check. But gynecologists want only what is best for their patients. So, there are a lot of things that gynecologists want all their patients to know and even practice some.

1. Grooming Isn’t Important To Gynecologists

Gynecologists don't care about grooming

The very idea of stripping down without being presentable is something of a nightmare for a woman because society has conditioned them that way. Women are supposed to be attractive and hairless, even if it is for a doctor. But gynecologists couldn’t care less about such things. Gynecologists don’t care if you have hair on your legs or on your vagina. Those aren’t the things they are examining. And they won’t even judge you based on those things. So, women should stop caring when it comes to grooming before a visit to a gynecologist.

2. Gynecologists Don’t Care About Vaginal Smell

Gynecologists don't care about vaginal smell

A lot of women feel extremely ashamed of consulting their gynecologists sometimes as they feel that their vaginal smell would disgust their doctors. But many gynecologists have confessed that it is not the vaginal smell that bothers them. It is actually the smell of the feet of their patients that they worry about, especially during a pap smear. So, next time you are visiting your gynecologist, make sure to not have smelly feet for making the job easier for your doctor.

3. Avoid Skipping Appointments Due To Periods

Avoid skipping appointments during periods

A lot of women tend to skip their appointments with their gynecologists when they are on their periods. But it is really not a problem for gynecologists as they deal with child births that are a lot more bloody than periods. So, a little blood is of no concern to your gynecologist as they can examine you correctly, even when you are on your period. But if you are going for a pap smear, then call your doctor as some clinics have the facility to separate menstrual blood from cervical cells, but others might not. So, in this case, make sure to call ahead and find out.

4. Gynecologists Do Want To Hear About Your Itch

Gynecologists want to know about your itch

A lot of women feel awkward to discuss about their vulvar itchiness with their gynecologists thinking that they might not want to examine that. But that is not true. Itchiness in the vagina can happen due to many reasons like yeast infection. Many women don’t seek treatment for this problem for months and sometimes even years which only makes the problem more severe. So, tell your doctor all about your itch and discomfort as they can help you to solve your problem.

5. Nothing Is Off Limits For Gynecologists

A lot of women feel embarrassed talking about the intimate details of their sex lives. But nothing you want to say is going to shock your gynecologist or make him or her judge you and your choices. So, it is important that you tell your doctor everything, especially when you need guidance regarding your sexual health. Gynecologists don’t care about how many partners you have had or what you are into sexually. They are not there to judge but rather to help you find a safe path to good sexual health.

6. Probability Of Pooping During Child Birth Is High

Many women are really afraid of the possibility of pooping during child birth. But according to gynecologists, it is really not a big deal as mostly all women poop while giving birth. It is only natural for that to happen when women are pushing a baby out of their bodies. So, gynecologists don’t really think of it as disgusting or weird, but rather as a natural reaction by a human body.

So, don’t worry about these things next time you are visiting your gynecologist.