Love Your Big Sister? Here Are 10 Reasons Why She Is The Best Go-to Person In Your Life

“Older sisters are your first confidantes, guides, and role models that you’re lucky to be related to and have for life.”

It may hard to accept or say this, but no matter how much you competed with your older sister as a kid, you secretly loved and looked up to her, just as much as you inspire her. She may have had that naturally cool and calm air about her, while you were the outgoing and naughty one. When your parents were on your case or when those school kids were bullying you, she stood by your side and defended you. Big sisters are like those friends you have the choice to keep in your life, but you’re lucky they already came as part of your family. 1 Here’s what makes big sisters so special:


1. She’s Your First And Truest Friend



From the minute, we open our eyes after we are born and meet our parents, we also meet our big sisters who become the witnesses of our lives, all the way from our baby steps to our adult choices. They are there as your first ever friends from the times you were in dirty diapers to your first heart-wrenching break-up to making fun of you when you get your first aging gray strands. You may seem a little immature and very dramatic for them, but they love you anyway, without a second thought.

2. She Understands What It’s Like To Deal With Your Parents



Just like other older siblings, big sisters have dealt with your parents on their own and for a lot longer than you have. So, they are sure to have a few tricks up their sleeve on how to deal with them. Then, what more do you have to lose? Instead of struggling with it on your own, if there is anything you are going through, you can easily go to your big sis’ and ask them what to do when mom nags or dad asks those awkward questions.


3. She Has Boundaries But Not With You

There’s this amazing freedom that siblings have with each other, that are especially fun with an older sister. And she’s probably totally up for anything as long as it is with you. If you want to just jump around on the couch in your underwear to the latest song or even get advice when she’s in the bathroom. It’s all cool. Nothing awkward or embarrassing at all between the both of you.


4. She Shares Her Wardrobe With You



Big sisters also have big wardrobes, so instead of hand-me-downs or going for shopping, you probably just go to her for your clothing choices. And for some odd reason, you look amazing in all her clothes, and she has an amazing wardrobe that is at your disposal too. Maybe you may even take the opportunity to keep some of those clothes for yourself too. Sorry sis’, well not really, thanks for the gift!

5. She Influenced And Made You A Master In Trends From Both Her Years To Yours



Whether your big sis’ was born a few months to years ahead of you, she would have picked up a bunch of the fads, music, movies, trends, fashion, news, skills, and the like from her time, all the way to yours. So instead of doing that all by yourself, you can just get introduced to all that jazz through her. Be it those cheesy 80s movies, bell bottoms, or even when those old vinyl albums which are already making a comeback.

6. She Tells You The Truth For What It Is

We all know that our parents won’t tell us the truth just to protect us while friends are often two-faced or sugarcoat what they actually mean. But not your big sister. She will be straight-forward about what’s going on and say exactly what is on her mind without a condescending filter. Whether it was a terrible choice to send that horrible ex a message again or if that dress does not look good on you. She helps you be fair to yourself, makes you think before getting carried away by your emotions, all the while dealing with your attitude.

7. She Believes In You And Your Capabilities


Your big sister has seen you grow up and hence knows what you are and what you can and cannot do. She knows when you’re making a mistake, are just being too lazy to work harder, and when you need a kick in the butt so you will be better than you think you are. She is always there to remind you that you can do anything you set your mind to and is your head cheerleader in life.

8. She’s Cheaper And Better Than Any Therapist Out There


Better than those expensive therapists, or that whimsical best friend, big sisters always know the right thing to say and have an answer to most problems. Even if you may disagree with something she said, deep down you think she’s right and it instills your faith in life again, especially on those days where you feel like the world is against you. She doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear, but helps set you straight, and shows you how to realize your own mistakes and learn your own lessons.

9. She Always Keeps Her Door Open For You

To spend time or just see your big sis’, you do not really need an appointment. Whether you just wanted to sit on her couch and gossip about your co-workers or just binge watch Friends, your sister is almost always your favorite plus one, even if she is just two steps away from your room or all the way on the other side of the world.

10. She Will Always Be Your Go-to-Girl


Whatever pickle you’re in or how successful you are, your older sister is always there for you, whether you need her or not. Seeing you grow up, she is one of your parents too, but closer. No matter how many tiny to big fights you both may have had, nothing will make her stop caring about you. Even if you were irresponsible or are the meanest bully in your school. Big sisters are always there to make you laugh, guide you with lots of love and hugs, and will even scold or nag you into being a better version of yourself.