5 Amazing Benefits Of Bath Salts

benefits of bath salts

At the end of a hectic day at work, all you probably want to do is get back home and put your feet up. Here’s a better suggestion–put them in a bucket of warm water with bath salts instead. This will not just relax your body, but also promote better health and even clean the feet in the process.

Many Benefits Of Epsom Salt Bath

Bath salts are becoming popular cosmetic agents for relaxation. By bath salts, we often mean Epsom salt which is not really salt, but pulverized minerals–mainly magnesium and sulfur.1 It has many therapeutic benefits, a reason why it is used as an anticonvulsant, a cathartic and an electrolyte replenisher in the treatment of preeclampsia and eclampsia in pregnant women.


1. Relax Well

But what really garnered Epsom salt all the fan following is its ability to relax the body. It is, thanks to the abundance of magnesium in it which can make pulmonary arteries in the vascular smooth muscle to expand, increasing blood circulation to the muscles in the body and relaxing them in the process. This increased blood circulation also reduces blood pressure, resulting in reduced stress.2 A hot water bath with Epsom salt can relieve the muscles of soreness and pain, a reason why it is recommended after workouts.

2. Better Detox

It is also used in detox treatments. Skin is a toxin carrier and what better way to flush the toxins out than have a nice detox bath. Epsom salt can do the job. Soak up daily in warm water with Epsom salt and a few drops of your preferred aromatic oil to draw toxic waste swiftly out of the pores.3


3. For Enzyme Functions

Epsom salt can also aid enzymatic functions in the body. How is that important? Well, enzymes play an important role in the upkeep and maintenance of cells in the body. They increase the rate of chemical reactions within the cells.4 Since magnesium plays a crucial role in all intracellular physiological functions, a deficiency in the mineral can lead to various neuromuscular, cardiac and nervous disorders.5 It is believed that an Epsom salt bath will help in the absorption of these minerals through the skin and to the bloodstream, though no scientific evidence is available to prove this.

4. As A Laxative

Epsom salt is also a laxative that can provide relief from constipation. If taken orally, it can increase the water content in the intestine. Having said that, magnesium sulfate should not be taken orally without supervision. Overdosing on it can even be fatal.6 So the easiest, safest way to relieve constipation is by having an Epsom salt bath!


5. Hormone Regulator

Magnesium has other benefits, too. It helps you sleep better, maintain healthy heart rhythm and blood sugar levels, and regulate hormones.7 That is not to say magnesium is the only reason you should go for Epsom salt baths. The sulfur in it can help the production of glutathione, the body’s master antioxidant, which plays a major role in methylation, a biochemical process in the body involved in almost all of its functions.8

Dead Sea Salt And Himalayan Pink Salt

When we talk about bath salts, we are not just talking about Epsom salt. There are Dead Sea salt and Himalayan pink salt that are used widely for bath; they provide as many benefits as Epsom salt. Again, it is the minerals in them that make them extra special. Dead Sea salt, as the name suggests, is the salt from the Dead Sea and is magnesium-rich. Apart from all the benefits of the Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt is also beneficial in treating specific health conditions. Magnesium salts have been proven to improve many skin conditions,9 a good enough reason to have a bath with it at least occasionally.


For Psoriasis, Eczema, And Inflammation

If you are suffering from psoriasis, the Dead Sea salt can take care of it.10 Eczema is another skin condition that can be managed with the salt bath.11

Dead Sea salt is also found to have a good effect on inflammation which explains why bathing in it is considered a remedy for rheumatoid arthritis.12 And most importantly, Dead Sea salt can alleviate even chronic cases of sinusitis through very effective nasal irrigation.13


Sodium Use

Himalayan pink salt, on the other hand, is rich in sodium. Using it for bath creates electrolyte balance, improves hydration and even libido, prevent muscle cramping, maintains the pH of the body, etc.14

Bath Salts With Aromatic Oil

Use of aromatherapy as an alternative medicine is well known and popular. It is widely used to relieve pain15 and even in hospital intensive care units to make chronically ill patients feel better.16 Though there is no scientific evidence to prove what each aroma can do to the body, many prefer to use it for various reasons. Using aromatic oils with bath salts is also a very popular method for relaxation and pain relief. Some of the popular aromas in bath salts are lavender, eucalyptus, chamomile, sandalwood, etc mainly for relaxation, decongestion, detox, and immunity.


Bath salts and aromatic oils make creating a spa at your own home possible. It is simple, easy and very effective. So why not try some home spa this weekend?