Baby Skin Care: Facts And Fiction

You probably thought that your baby’s skin is pretty much like other organs – fully formed before birth. In fact, your baby’s skin acts as the first line of defense protecting from infections and microbes. But the little one’s skin continues to develop throughout the first year of life.

Baby’s skin is sensitive and is different from an adult’s skin in structure, function, and composition. The newborn babies are susceptible to rashes, baby acne, eczema, and other skin irritations. Dryness of the skin could become a major problem and it is essential to give special attention to support their health right after they are born.


There are a lot of myths related to baby’s skin which needs to be busted, however, you need to know what is fact and what is fiction to give the best care for your baby’s skin.

Facts And Fiction

Frequent Baths Increase Eczema Issues

Are you giving too many baths to your baby? If your answer was affirmative, stop giving far too many baths. It can lead to skin issues. Frequ, especially with warm water, warm water could strip away the natural barrier called lipids from your baby’s skin. This can lead to dryness in skin. Dermatologists recommend two to three baths a week is good enough for your baby.


Skin Dryness Is Contagious

Your baby’s skin is too sensitive and delicate. The skin dryness could be due to many reasons – both internal and external factors. Eczema or skin dryness is likely due to a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Eczema in babies usually begins as a red, oozing rash on the face and scalp. However, skin dryness is not contagious at all. This is totally a myth.

Drink Water To Control Dryness In The Skin

It is a myth. Of course to keep the body hydrated, giving enough water is important. But besides giving water, using the right moisturizer for your baby’s skin will control skin dryness. Moisturizing lotions with nourishing oils will help repair and strengthen the natural skin barrier on your baby’s skin.


Rub The Dry Skin Off The Baby

This is a myth and it sounds very painful for the baby. You cannot get rid of your baby’s skin dryness just by rubbing it off. It will only irritate the skin more and create friction. You should use mild cleansers and not rub the skin violently to avoid skin irritation.

Cleanse The Body Only With Water

This is also a myth. According to some studies, water alone is not sufficient to remove impurities from your baby’s skin. It is good to cleanse your baby’s skin with a mild cleanser with a neutral PH level (from 5.5 to 7.0) and which does not contain any preservatives. This will keep the allergens at bay.