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5 Tips To Help You Stay Sun-Safe This Summer

Summer is synonymous with skimpy. Come March, everyone’s busy digging out those summery dresses and swimsuits. But when the seasonal allergies start breaking out,...

Treat These 6 Issues To Manage Your Dandruff Trouble

Dandruff is easy or hard to manage based on its root cause. While dry flakes go away post winter season, dandruff due to oily skin, psoriasis, or fungal growth require more efforts. To avoid dandruff buildup, follow healthy practices like washing hair regularly, avoiding product residue in hair, and eating right. Treating dandruff problems on time can prevent further issues.

10 Tips To Help Manage Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease which manifests as red, flaky patches on the skin. Although seen to affect the skin, this illness actually begins in...
Dry Skin May Cause Itching, Flaking, And Even Bleeding

Answers To Four Questions You May Have About Dry Skin

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and performs several functions including protection, regulation of body temperature, and helps us in sensing...

4 Simple Food Masks To Care For Your Dry Skin

Wrinkles are never a lovely sight, and dry skin needs a lot of care as it can start aging soon. Dry skin problems are...

7 Home Remedies For Beautiful Skin And Shiny Hair

If you added up all the money you’ve spent over the years to get perfect skin and hair, it would probably be a small...
Easy DIY Face Masks For Every Skin Type

5 Easy DIY Face Masks For Every Skin Type

If you have dry skin, whip up a face mask of Greek yogurt and honey. It helps to rejuvenate the skin. For oily and acne-prone skin, a mix of apple cider vinegar, oatmeal, strawberries and egg whites can bring down oil production. A pumpkin face mask works amazing on aging skin. To even out your skin tone, you need to apply a mix of papaya and honey.
Try out these simple methods to detoxify your skin and keep it healthy

5 Common Practices That Can Help You Detoxify Your Skin

You can achieve great results to detoxify your skin by using everyday tips and techniques. Indeed, a skin detox must be an ongoing process. Eat foods that are fresh like fruits and veggies in your diet. Homemade scrubs and skin brushing can remove dead skin and improve blood circulation to the skin. Essential oils show some promise in such routines. Finally, remember that for glowing skin, you need pure blood, so eat herbs that are helpful for blood purification and drink lots of water.
Turmeric can be used to get rid of many skin problems

Ways To Use Turmeric For All Skin Types

Turmeric is a golden-colored magical spice known for its medicinal and beautifying properties. Turmeric can be used to get rid of many skin problems....

Baby Skin Care: Facts And Fiction

You probably thought that your baby’s skin is pretty much like other organs – fully formed before birth. In fact, your baby’s skin acts...
taking care of your skin type

How To Take Care Of Your Skin Type

Taking care of your skin is essential for good skin in the long run. Dry skin should be kept away from hot water and harsh products. Greasy lotions should be avoided on oily skin. Combination skin requires moisturizing products on the dry or normal areas and oily areas require products to unclog the pores. Normal skin is low-maintenance but basic care is required.
Dry skin

5 Pesky Dry Skin Problems And Remedies

Crazy work schedules, constant deadlines, and never-ending targets can take a toll on our health and skin. One problem that can arise from our...
(Oatmeal is helpful in moisturizing dry skin effectively.)

Top 5 Ways To Moisturize Dry Skin With Oatmeal

Dry skin is an uncomfortable and unsightly skin problem that occurs due to lack of moisture content in the skin. Lack of hydration and...

13 Easy Milk Face Pack Recipes To Moisturize Dull And Dry Skin

Dry skin is one of most common skin problems and while some people have naturally dry skin, many others suffer from skin dryness because...

Dry Skin On Penis? Know The Symptoms, Causes, And Remedies

Skin dryness is a common skin problem that many people face especially during winters. This problem can usually be taken care of easily by...