Ayurveda ‘Dosha Healing’ – Great Aid to Identify, Understand and Take Care!

Ayurveda ‘Dosha Healing’ – Great Aid to Identify, Understand and Take Care!
Ayurveda ‘Dosha Healing’ – Great Aid to Identify, Understand and Take Care!

Ayurveda – translated from the Sanskrit language, “Ayus” means life and “Veda” for knowledge – is the science of life. Ayurveda is one of the oldest medical systems in the world and has its origins in India. In traditional Indian medicine, the patient is considered as a whole: physical, mental and spiritual aspects to be included in the therapy to the health of the people – to bring into balance – through the use of natural resources. Ayurveda is the ancient super science of healing naturally, focuses on preventive healthcare, and endorses the essential diet and lifestyle modifications for a healthy and cheerful life. The principles of self-healing laid down by our ancient sages thousands of years ago are equally true even today.


The need for Dosha Healing:

Owing to the variety of lifestyle diseases, mental ailments, behavioral discrepancies et all, we are more or less left with the choice of taking our health in our hands. This is where Dosha Healing comes into play. Dosha Healing is an important tool of Ayurveda wisdom sciences which guides you to make the essential diet and lifestyle modifications particularly designed for your basic dosha type. As Ayurveda lays great focus on prevention of the disease, it becomes obligatory to understand about what kind of foods and everyday habits are useful for you, what could be causing harm and also how you could provide self-care to yourself (and your loved ones), so as to live your life fully enjoying the fruit of wellness and contentment.


Dosha Healing is all about how you can become your own healer!


This wisdom science of Ayurveda focuses on self-identification, self- understanding and self- care.

  1. Identify yourself (in accordance to the dosha which is dominant within you)
  2. Understand yourself (how your dominant dosha makes you different in both the spheres of physical constitution and mental temperament; which is recognized as your Prakriti).
  3. Take care of yourself (and become aware of the imbalances or Vikriti that might be setting into your system owing to the diet and lifestyle incongruity).


The Healer lies Within

Dosha Healing is great aid to identify, understand and take care of yourself lifelong. In other words, you need to comprehend that it is rather imperative to discover and understand your natural entity today, so you could be your own guide lifelong! This is because assessing your basic and inborn nature at first helps you to accept yourself, and then you aptly intend to make lifestyle changes in accordance to your own self.


Consequently it is perhaps the only therapy you need in both Curative as well as Preventive terms, so as to enjoy till the last breath a life full of virtues of natural wellness and freedom from disease. These three doshas or humors of the body are the prime attributes that are significant for not only the upholding of the human body, but also in every little aspect that causes balance or even imbalance within the body. Vata or the air, Pitta or the fire and Kapha or the phlegm are entirely imbibed within the body.


Ayurveda Tridosha Philosophy – Vata, Pitta & Kapha Doshas

The Prakriti of a person may be defined as the totality comprising of his physical attributes, his mental characteristics, and his innate nature. The prakriti or the basic constitution (and temperament) of an individual is believed to be innate and more or less remains the same throughout his or her life span.


According to Ayurveda philosophy, every living body in the universe is believed to be a combination of the three doshas or body humors viz. Vata or the air, Pitta or the fire and Kapha or the phlegm. The human prakriti can broadly be categorized into three distinct types. These are Vata Type, Pitta Type and Kapha Type. We need to understand that most of the qualities, both good and bad—the looks, the talents, and attitudes are necessarily God-gifted and inborn.

It is believed that there are three basic types of constitutions based on the three doshas or the body humors. Each person falls into one of these three constitutions so read on for the explanation of each definition (one of the three doshas could be dominant within your personality!).



Dosha Healing Reveals Dosha Imbalance

Ayurveda believes that whenever a disease takes form and sets into your system, the primary cause is imbalanced Dosha (body humor). Therefore, so as to combat the ailment, the basic principle to get rid of the same and also to restore and retain wellness, would certainly be of balancing the vitiated Dosha.

Dosha Healing, thus is an easy tool for identifying the dosha imbalance. Also, when you are experiencing the ancient Ayurveda wisdom of Dosha Healing, you are able to take a more serious note of the maladies that the vitiation or aggravation of either of the three doshas viz. Vata, Pitta and Kapha, is bound to present itself within your system. Although in many cases you might have already frequented some of the ailments relating to Dosha imbalance.



How Dosha Healing Helps

Although most of us today seem to have mixed personalities, there still is a dominant element in all of us. And this basic element governs our totality and makes up our indispensable personality. This basic element or Dosha as proclaimed in our primordial text, subsists in three prime forms viz. Vata or the air, Pitta or the fire and Kapha or the phlegm.

When the air is dominant, it is apt to make you erratic, whereas the fire type individuals would be naturally stimulated and yet supremacy of phlegm in the system reasons for physical and mental permanence. Thus, Dosha Healing is a sure support to make you identify, understand and take care of your natural wellness lifelong.



Dosha Imbalance Causes Disease

Ayurveda believes that imbalance of the Vata dosha (air body humor) results into production of 80 types of diseases or disorders. Whereas the fire or Pitta dosha can cause 40 types and Kapha dosha (phlegm) would stand responsible for 20 types of ailments.

  • Vata Dosha imbalance may result into diseases like muscular cramps, joint pains, stiffness, palpitations, deafness, partial loss of vision etc.
  • Ailments like burning sensation in the entire body, excessive perspiration, foul body odour, fainting, mouth ulcers etc demonstrate of Pitta dosha imbalance.
  • Kapha dosha imbalance and vitiation presents itself in the form of diseases like drowsiness, lethargy, excessive sleep, obesity, suppression of digestion, skin allergy et al.


The Need for Dosha Healing

The three doshasvata, pitta, and kapha get easily influenced by our everyday diet and lifestyle, wherein the doshas lose their equilibrium. They tend to either decrease or increase in the body and this makes them to result in forming of a disease.

  • Vata, or the air, is responsible for eighty types of ailments.
  • Pitta or fire humor accounts for forty types.
  • Kapha, or the phlegm body humor, results in production of twenty types of maladies.


Balancing the Doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha

  • Balancing the Vata dosha
    In order to combat Vata imbalance, one needs to take charge of his diet and routine just like serving a close friend. Keeping the stomach empty would invite aggravation of the air body humor or the Vata dosha. The meals should not be too heavy but more frequent.
  • Balancing the Pitta dosha
    To combat a pitta imbalance, it is recommended to take up the regime that renders opposing qualities as that of the fire humor. As the property of the fire humor is hot and intense, Ayurveda suggests living in cooler, soothing and calming environments, away from sweating and parching heat. The imbalance can be refined by imbibing whatever is cooling and soothing.
  • Balancing the Kapha dosha
    Kapha imbalance needs more grave lines of self-handling. This is because the Kapha individual has a propensity to be more static and stubborn with his likes and tastes.The stubborn Kapha is rather tricky to treat. This is mainly because of the inert trait of the earth element that this humor imbibes. Hence all intricate activities and potent stimulating diet is meant for the phlegm humor types.