Viviane Casimir

I had practiced Zen for a long time, but it was only through martial arts that it became "real" to me. I needed mind-body connection. This is now my way of life, everyday with a smile. With quantum healing we realize that before being healthy, we have to be "alive." So, let's make mind-body connection an essential part of our lives. Never take things for granted. Develop a good breathing and raise your consciousness, so every day is experienced in the Now...and every cell of your body is alive. Remember that simple things are actually more powerful. I developed Myoku as a Zen martial arts for that reason. Myoku is about empowerment in one's personal and spiritual life. Welcome!

A New Gaze On Meditation

From a Yoga website, we can read: “Meditation is a word that has come to be used loosely and inaccurately in the modern world. That...

Get Grounded, With Some Taoist Breathing

Sit with your back straight, legs crossed, relax your body and close your eyes. While the standard way of breathing is to push the stomach out as you breathe in, in this Taoist technique you will start by pulling in your stomach muscles as you breathe in. As you breathe out, you release the stomach muscles. Practice 15 mins everyday. Progress by holding longer.

Get Grounded, With Some Yang Breathing

First, breathe in through the nose very slowly (8 secs) by forcing your belly to expand gently. Then, hold your breath 4 secs and breathe out very slowly (8 secs) through the nose by contracting your belly so the stomach muscles pull in towards your spine. This is one Yang-Breath. Observe how breathing-in and breathing-out flow into each other. Ground yourself in this oneness.

Being Healthy Vs Being Alive: Knowing The Difference

Being healthy has become a lifestyle. It does not mean anymore not being sick. Our modern life generates stress at all levels (emotional, physical, mental, social) that in the end we simply survive and are not really being alive. If we are on constant survival mode, there is not much left in us to flourish personally and spiritually in our journey on earth!

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