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10 Naturopathic Remedies For Diabetes

While it is important to seek medical treatment for diabetes, without proper diet modification, herbal supplementation, and exercise, you cannot expect to impact the progression of the disease. Consider adding foods like bitter gourd, okra, amla, garlic, black plum, fenugreek, and cinnamon to your plate. Herbs like coccinia indica, gymnema sylvestre may help too.

Can Hormone Disorders Cause Weight Gain?

Hormone imbalance is often confused with its effect on only menopausal women. However, we need to come to the right understanding of hormone imbalance....

How To Cure Piles Naturally

Piles is a painful condition almost every person can expect to face at least once in a lifetime. These hemorrhoids tend to take a lot of energy from the affected person. Follow these 7 simple natural treatments and diet suggestions to reduce the pain and help heal.

Naturopathy To Treat Chemotherapy Side-Effects?

Side-effects of chemotherapy are painful and mentally strain the person. Go toward naturopathy route, know the side-effects clearly to get cured or alleviated.

Leucoderma: Causes And Home Remedies

Skin color depends on melanin conc. White spots on the skin are a result of melanin deficiency. Common causes are: vitiligo, tinea versicolor, malnutrition, salon tanning, skin damage etc. Household remedies for leucoderma are: radish seeds with vinegar, cabbage extract or juice, Apple cider vinegar as antibacterial, copper infused water for melanin production, honey and coconut oil to kill fungi and bacteria.

Hypothyroidism Diet: Foods For Underactive Thyroid

Symptoms of hypothyroidism are Depression, Weight gain, Memory fog, high BP, high blood cholesterol, pain, stiffness in joints etc. It's managed by proper diet. Iodine and selenium rich foods are essential. Eat Meat, iodized salt, dairy products, brown rice, certain veggies and fruits etc. Avoid broccoli, glutenous food, coffee, alcohol etc. Medications with diet keep the condition in check.

Highs And Lows Of Your BP: Hypertension And Hypotension

Primary hypertension develops over years without any evident cause; the secondary type is due to underlying ailments like thyroid problem. Signs, albeit rare, include chest pain. To prevent it, eat veggies, lean meats. Reduce stress, smoking, and drinking. Walk or swim. Hypotension (low BP), oft due to malnutrition, is cured with a good diet and lifestyle. Low BP can be normal for many and doesn't always indicate hypotension.

All You Needed To Know About Lumps Behind Ears

If a lump behind, below, or in the ear stays over 4 weeks, hurts, leads to fever or infection, or recurs, don't squeeze or pop it but see a doc. It may be acne or a cyst, but may even be an abscess, ear infection (which may lead to brain abscess or meningitis), or salivary gland cancer. Remedies range from antibiotics to surgery and chemo, based on lump type. At home, use warm compress or aloe vera lotion for cysts.

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