Ronald Alexander

Ronald Alexander, PhD is a leadership consultant, psychotherapist, international trainer, and the Executive Director of the OpenMind Training Institute. A pioneer in the fields of Positive Psychology, Creativity Thinking, Eastern Wisdom Traditions and Mindfulness Training, Alexander has been conducting professional and personal trainings that support strategies of personal, clinical and corporate excellence in the USA, Europe, Canada, Asia & Australia since 1970.

Rein In Your Wanting Mind To Breakfree From Depression

The wanting mind is insatiable. It replaces desire with desire and does not stop. Realize that not wanting doesn't mean stagnation or lack of ambition. Stop comparing, self-loathing, and being impatient and unrealistic. Search within for happiness, indulge in mindful meditation, love yourself, find the extraordinary in the ordinary, be creative, and recall affirmative thoughts.

4 Strategies To Mindfully Enhance Everyday Creativity

Strategies To Mindfully Enhance Everyday Creativity

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