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Natasha Uspensky is a certified holistic nutrition counselor, transformational coach, and wellness expert. She practices a holistic approach to wellness, believing that health and happiness come from achieving a sense of balance in all areas of life — from food, movement and environment, to relationships, community and career. Through her private practice, writing, and online programs, she works with women all over the world to heal their health, and start living lives they crave, in a body they love. She is the founder of NU Health & Wellness, and the creator of Greens. Grains. Gorgeous., a transformational 12-week online program. She has been featured in Marie Claire, Redbook, Women's World, Livestrong, All-Parenting, Giada Weekly, and Mind Body Green, as well as on her own blog, The Organic Beauty.

Mini-Meditations: Getting Through Your Toddler’s Years

Meditation can be challenging when the attention your toddler needs is way more than the other daily routines. Mini-meditation techniques come as a saviour. A 15-20 minutes practice squeezed into daily routine helps regain the lost balance and brings back the normal you. Focusing on breath, doubling the exhale and one minute pranayama meditation are the best bets.

5 Toddler Bad Eating Habits to Break Now

As parents, we hold the power to set our children up for a lifetime of healthy eating habits and a happy relationship with food...

Baby-Friendly Paleo Birthday Cake And Cupcakes

Birthdays and parties can be overwhelming when it comes to not-so-healthy diets, especially for babies. Making paleo and baby friendly cakes by replacing the usual ingredients with almond flour and/or coconut flour, maple syrup ensures the goodness of both health and taste.

Lactation Cookie Recipe

Preheat oven to 350°F. Blend 10T unsalted butter, 6T coconut oil, 1.5c coconut palm sugar, 2 eggs, 2t vanilla extract, 2T almond butter until fluffy. Whisk in 3c rolled oats, 3/4c each of coconut and whole wheat flour, 5T yeast, 1/2t each of baking powder, soda, cinnamon, 3T ground flaxseed, 1/4t salt until combined. Spoon the dough onto a cookie sheet; bake for 15 mins.

6 Tips On Creating A Non-Toxic Play Area For Your Baby

Giving your baby space to move freely while not having to constantly intervene requires a fenced-off, baby-proofed area, and non-toxic toys and decor. Cushion the floor with organic play mats and rugs. Shun toxic foam mats. Keep only a few toys (books, puzzles, blocks) in the enclosure and within easy reach. This makes babies self-reliant and creative. Use essential oil-based cleaners.

5 Secrets For A Happier 1st Year Of Motherhood

Spend the first 2 months healing and bonding with junior. From the third month on, go out every day and train baby to sleep a solid 12 hrs through the night (reduce night feeds). Ease baby into your normal routine. Attend motherhood classes to learn dos and don’ts, while drawing support from other new moms when overwhelmed. Pamper yourself. Encourage your little one to play independently.

Common Causes And Natural Treatments For Diaper Rash

The top causes for diaper rash are infrequent changes, yeast infections and toxic chemicals in baby products. Use allergen-free, super-absorbent, breathable diapers. 'Low sugar, low carbs' and a probiotic are a must for both mama and baby. Allot some daily diaper-free time. Apply pure coconut oil to hinder any yeast infections. Only use natural baby hygiene products.

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