Laurie Denomme

Laurie is an international fitness educator with 25 years experience in aquatics. She is the founder of WECOACH, an innovative land and water workout program designed to help you move better! Her expertise has been called upon by top consumer magazines, including Self and Weight Watchers as well as for development of education manuals including the Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual by the Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA). She is a Fellow of Applied Functional Science™ and recipient of the 2013 AEA Global Aquatic Fitness Professional and 2014 ATRI Tsunami Spirit Awards.

Benefits Of Aqua Yoga For Back Pain

Start your workout with water walking to prepare the joints. Forward and backwards for 2 mins, followed by lateral marching traveling sideways across the pool for 2 mins and walk in a circle clockwise and counterclockwise 2 mins. Try Warrior I and Warrior II poses and variations underwater to improve whole body flexibility and strength.

Water Exercise Games for Juvenile Arthritis

Things like bobbing under the water or swimming are great ways to treat arthritis pain. Just being in water helps reduce swelling as the hydrostatic pressure helps improve circulation. Using water’s magical property – buoyancy; resistance can improve strength and stamina with minimal joint stress.

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