Kyle Holgate

My name is Kyle, and I blog about my dogs at Woof & Whiskers. Trying new things with my dogs and having adventurers is what my life is all about!

5 Ways You Are Shortening Your Dog’s Life

Dog's lifespan is 10–13 years, so take good care of them. Overfeeding them can make them obese. Get them regular vaccinated for rabies, parvo, and other diseases. Not everything we eat suits the dogs, so don't feed them with all that you eat. Give them enough exercise and take a good care of their teeth (to prevent from gingivitis). Avoid certain activities for a longer life of your canine partners.

Keep Your Dog Healthy & Happy This Summer: 11 Helpful Tips

Summer is just around the corner, at least here in the northern hemisphere. It’s getting warmer outside as we make our way into the...

13 Tips For Bathing Your Dog

Some dogs just can’t get enough of getting wet, but for many other breeds, water and baths aren’t particularly pleasant. Whether your dog loves...

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