Kristin Prevallet

I am a poet, performer, and educator who left my full time academic job to pursue my passion for holistic healing, as both a practice and an area of inquiry and research. Aside from my writing life, I now maintain a private hypnosis practice (phone/skype sessions are available) and I am the author of three books that link creativity and mindbody healing: You, Resourceful: Tap Your Inner Resources to Restore Your Mind and Body; Visualize Comfort: Pain Management and the Unconscious Mind; Trance Poetics: Your Writing Mind. I lecture and teach trance writing and healing workshops nationally and abroad.

The Mental Aspects Of Antidepressant Withdrawal

Withdrawal from antidepressants is not recommended as your body may be heavily dependent on these chemicals. It takes time, patience and composure to overcome dependency on these pills. Imagine your mind is being shifted like a sapling from a pot to the outdoor. It requires time and security to adjust and throng in its new environment.

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